Male & Female I have Created them to Be – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

March 20, 2019

Male & Female I have Created them to Be

You have been deceived dear soul. For I will tell you, I created male, I created female and it is I who will tell you what is true. There is an enemy who seeks after My creation to steal from it, to kill it and to destroy it. All things that I made I called good, in the day I made them. The day did come where Satan brought in the corruption of what I have made. I was not surprised by this, I knew it was to come, and still I am God over all he has attempted to do. In this, he has poisoned man so that he would be against Me in all that I command. For my commands are right and they are just and are perfect. My commands are for the well being of My creation. In his rebellion against Me, he passed this along into man. Out of this rebellion has been born what is known as the homosexual and all other sexual identities known today – that are not what I have created. I never created anyone to be born with a deviation from what I have instituted as good and right. If this were true, I would have created this in the beginning in the 6 days of creation. My fingerprint is in every created being – and it is good. But what is equally true is that Satan too has tattooed himself upon all so they would hear what he would have to say. He is the one who has deceived those who say they are homosexual, who are of all these sexual orientations and identities – and they bear his mark as they walk in these. Do not be deceived to think that My hand is upon you to bless you in your rebellion against Me! You need only to be willing to come to Me, the creator of your being – to ask Me if what you believe to be true in your homosexuality – is of Me and approved by Me. I will tell you, surely as I do now – you have allowed the spirit of antichrist to be your god and lead you in his path which is the road to eternal destruction. O dear soul, realize that I have seen from the very inception of your being – and know how it is you have fallen prey to his schemes! I will tell you this now, I will deliver you from the snare that has befallen you so you may live in how I have created you to. But in this, you must be willing to leave behind your life of homosexuality. You must commit to Me your life. You have no power to be freed from this my dear ones – and by your commitment to Me, I will put to power your freedom, by My own Son’s Life and His blood that was shed for you. I will bring you out of the pit of deception that has not brought you anything good, and put you on My high Hill – where you will receive the deliverance and healing I desire for you, and you will be restored to Me. For know this, Satan has stolen from you, but I will restore to you – your life. Follow Me now, and you will live, you will understand and receive My love and you will know the way that I have chosen for you. Trust Me today with your life and you will not regret it, I promise you.

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