Make This Appalling Idol Fall – Brian Ethier

Make This Appalling Idol Fall

December 28, 2020 8:02 PM
Brian Ethier

What a sad day for mankind, it has been tricked again today,
Like lost sheep to a talking statue they’re so eager to pray;
He’s performed miracles, sent fire from heaven they do acclaim,
No one can match the great god of ours they happily proclaim.

His friend the emperor has gained popularity, all must have his mark,
For even though wounded by sword he still lives they remark;
And to all of them The Great I AM, He has no authority,
They are in such a frenzy and so lost to debauchery.


You promised for a while Father that You’d let them have their way,
They’re so blasphemous, now hunting us as if we are some prey;
We that are not branded, we cannot buy or sell at all,
Yahuah, You only need to whisper to make this appalling idol fall.

Taking the vaccine and chip on forehead or right hand, they don’t know what they do,
And thus no longer truly human, that we see is true;
It’s to their demise, now O Almighty One, make your anger roar,
Bring down Your Justice and their statue will be no more.


Yes, Father Yahuah, You only need to whisper to make this appalling idol fall!


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