Make Sure that “The 2020 Vision” that You have is not a Delusion of Temporal Grandeur from the Enemy! – Holy Spirit Wind

Make Sure that “The 2020 Vision” that You have is not a Delusion of Temporal Grandeur from the Enemy!

Jan 1, 2020
Holy Spirit Wind


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As a prelude to this message, I did not expect that the Lord would give me another message so soon and then for it to be about 2020, I am stunned. AND I certainly did not expect Him to give me 2 messages in one day but He did. WOW! He has told me to release the second one in a few days as His Spirit leads.

This is truly a time like no other! HALLELUYAH!

Jeff Byerly


There are many claiming that they have “A 2020 Vision” speaking of what they believe is coming in the year ahead. Do not be deceived by the false shepherds, the wolves in sheep’s clothing and the hirelings! You need the eye salve that only I can give you so that you can see what actually is coming and not the illusions that those who listen to the god of this world would long to give to you. Make sure that the 2020 vision that you have is not a delusion of temporal grandeur from the enemy! Most of the spectacular things that men will speak of for this year will appeal to your flesh but be death to your spirit.

More than anything else in the coming days, hearts are going to be revealed. What is it that you truly desire? Do you desire to know Me or do you desire other things? Do you desire to build your own kingdom or Mine? Do you truly do My will or do you do your own will in My name? When the blessings and material things of this world are stripped from you will you still desire Me, will you still love Me, will you still even admit that you know Me? Or will you deny Me as Peter did out of fear for your fleshly life? The days that you are in right now will reveal where your heart is anchored. Is it buried in the sand that will be washed away or is it firmly embedded into the Rock of Ages?

Make no mistake, these days must take place so that many who thought that they knew Me would turn from their idols that they have put before Me and really know Me. Not just knowing about Me, knowing that I am the only begotten Son of God that came to die for your sin and rose from the dead to give you life. That is not enough! You must be born again of My Spirit! The spirit that you were born with is dead and hellbound but if you let My Spirit in, you will be changed. You will become a child of the Most High and then we will become one. My desires will become your desires and your desires will become My desires because your mind will become renewed daily as you die to flesh and that old carnal man. Most of the people in the so-called “churches”, that call themselves “Christians”, do not know me personally but they think they do and it breaks my heart! They follow others, the foolish shepherds who have none of My understanding have tricked them. They do not read My word with discernment so that they would know and they do not know My voice. My sheep hear My voice and will not follow another.  This is why the time of testing must come and everything in your world must be shaken and turned upside down.

Make no mistake, I know where men’s hearts are and if they know Me or not but it must be revealed to them where they stand with Me. In the days that you are entering into even now, if it is revealed that you do not know Me and you are given the chance to know Me, but I am rejected, I will turn you over to Satan for the destruction of your flesh so that your soul might be saved. Some will be saved as they cry out to Me in their dying breaths and some will perish in their sin. There is not time like that has been in the past. This is why these things must take place in such a quick manner, time is running out and the end will come at the appointed time known by the Father. The end that I speak of is the end of the age of grace because My kingdom comes and no sin will be allowed in it. Remember, I AM the righteous judge and I will not make a mistake in My judgment. Do not fear these things that are coming and do not despise Me for what I must now do.

The warnings have now gone forth over and over and over again. A few have listened but most did not. Soon the voice of the Watchman and the prophet will not be heard. You must learn to listen to My voice very quickly now. Draw closer to Me and I will draw closer to you. I have told you this in the past and most have not listened and most have not sought Me with all of their heart. Do you not understand that once the things that I have warned you about begin to happen that it will be increasingly harder to hear My voice in the chaos and destruction? I don’t speak for your entertainment! I give My servants these messages so that you can have a change of heart.

You are the one who has to make the decision.

You choose this day whom you will serve.

Will you serve yourself, will you serve a false god instead of Me?

There are billions of roads that lead to destruction and only one that leads to life everlasting.


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  1. kathy

    Jeff your video end at 1111 I have been seeing this number everywhere I look for the past year and now I see it again here. thank you for the video we need to hear this love you my brother.

  2. Thank you, Bro Jeff.

  3. trisha

    I totally agree with this! I don’t speak as much now. Been really sick with diabetic complications too lately for the past 2 months. I keep getting an image of Jesus going only for the lost sheep while leaving the main fold of the sheep aside. I have noticed that trying to warn people in my town but no one listens at all to the warnings. They just believe it is small talk only or they just outright don’t believe the messages. I’m just trying to please G_d and Jesus! My desire is to know them personally and deeply. The warfare has also picked up greatly lately too. More spiritual attacks and more severely too. I am just so very sick daily now and my heart is also grieving for the lost too. Also so much christian persecution in the world. This world has become very chaotic and seems to be getting worse by the day. And my heart also grieves for Australia with its many fires there. I’m so very tired.

  4. Ruti46

    trisha, I pray for you in the Mighty Name of Yeshua, that He will strengthen you, heal you and deliver you from your depression! I understand completely what you are going through and Yeshua is your way out of this pain. Read, study, and devour your Bible like never before on a daily basis. Pray constantly. Try cutting your carbohydrates way way back. A low carb diet is the best answer for diabetes and it is just delicious. There are so many great recipes on the internet and testimonies from people who even were taken off their insulin and reversed their symptoms by cutting these carbs way down. Try it. You have nothing to lose. Ask God to help you everyday and take it one day at a time. Love in Yeshua!

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