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Make it Into My Kingdom – LynL

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Make it Into My Kingdom

April 1, 2023 10:54 PM
These words cover your neighbor and how they are to be treated and opportunities that sometimes pass us by. It mentions the Mark of the Beast, which amazingly to me, many Christians do not even know about. Lastly, faith is something that cannot be seen.

Make it Into My Kingdom

I long for every one of you to make it into my Kingdom. It is important that you spend time with me and get to know your creator. I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I stand for righteousness and expect one that is humble and caring for others. I expect one that will try their best to help someone who is down and out. I expect your love to overflow to others so that they can see me through you. This is not hard to understand. Love your neighbor like yourself.
Each of us are destined to have different experiences on Earth. When these experiences show up, it is important to show who you are through this opportunity. As things get worse use these opportunities to help those you may not have helped in the past. Each day is a new challenge that can be addressed by you. I watch and hope you will do what most will not.
Your creator

I Feel All

I am with you, even when you don’t feel me. I’m part of your DNA and what makes you. I feel your sorrows, I feel your joy. I know when you are not feeling well. I know when you fast, know when you have helped others. You are a reflection of me when you are at your best. You show the world who God is when you follow me closely.
Most importantly you will take on my characteristics as you spend more time with me. Each moment spent with me are important in changing you from the flesh to the spirit.
Many do not know the purpose of their existence. The purpose in life is to learn of me, spend time with your creator and know that I Am with you.
Life is your classroom, your learning tool. Without problems in life, there are not many opportunities to learn from and show how you have advanced in the Kingdom.
It’s never too late to give your life to me unless you have taken the Mark (Revelation 13:16-18, Revelation 14:9-11) which goes in your right hand or your forehead. This Mark represents your allegiance to Satan and his Kingdom. You are irredeemable if you receive his Mark.

I Am Not Invisible

I Am Not invisible; I have always been here with you. You can hear me in the wind, you can feel me when you are going to do something wrong. You can feel my Holy Spirit by the goosebumps you feel. I am here to keep you company when you are sad or lonely. I Am an ear to hear, when something is wrong. You may not see me, but I Am NOT invisible. I have always existed. I have always been. Your lack of knowledge of me makes me only invisible to you.
Change your outlook, then you will change your sight. You will then see what you previously could not see. What is invisible, will now be there.
I Am not hard to see. It just takes a little time and effort on your part. Prayer will open channels of communication that may have never existed before for you. Reading my word and about my life on Earth will let you know who I Am.

Each Person is My Pride and Joy

I created all to be reflections of myself. I live and experience with each individual. As each learns lessons in life, I take pride in their advancements. Each person is here on Earth for a specified time. It is important that they acknowledge their creator, that they follow my rules and that they get to know me.
Man’s life on Earth is complex and filled with many different experiences. The most important lesson is learning of me and my Kingdom. My kingdom has always been there, whether you have perceived it or not. Perceiving what cannot be seen is difficult for many. They are used to “proof” whether it is scientific or visual. My Kingdom works on faith. Your faith in something that can’t be seen or proved is a lesson that brings you to a new level.
I have always been here, even though you have not had the faith to believe in me. Take a step into something that is invisible and that your soul will perceive rather than your fleshly nature. I await you.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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