Lulled By Comfort Of Self – A Daughter of Messiah

A Daughter of Messiah

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Lulled By Comfort Of Self

June 4, 2018

Daughter, Write these Words,

My timing is accurate, they’re no mistakes in My plans … I have counseled those who belong to Me, they hear My warnings and yield to My promptings warning anyone who will take to heart what the Spirit of the Most High is proclaiming.

Do the sounds of war resonate in your spirits? … Can you see the warnings all around you?

My timing is NOT according to mans timing, MY Word will be fulfilled … Most think they know what will occur when My Hand moves against the nations that reject Me, but what man thinks, will pale in what will truly happen … Often people think about what will happen in the coming months or years, not knowing how soon things will change in their lives.

Warnings come and people ignore the signs I give them, thinking “this is all just life as usual”, IT IS NOT … Just as in the days when I walked the earth among man, they could not see or understand that I was their Messiah, the Holy One sent from My Father, they missed their day visitation … So it is in this hour.

My children are asleep, lulled by comfort of self and busy with daily life, not taking the time to be alone with Me or asking Me to help in their lives or seeking Me in repentance.

Just as in the days of My servant Noah, so it is today with man.

Thank You Abba/Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word, I love You.

Psalm 91:1 Matthew 24:36-39 Luke 19:41-44 Romans 12:2 Revelation 3: 15-17

A Daughter of Messiah at 1:44:00 PM


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