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lull before the storm / lights-out event – Elizabeth Marie

lull before the storm / lights-out event

August 24, 2020
Elizabeth Marie

On August 18th, 2020, while working, I heard these words:


I then knew that the LORD wanted to give me a message, so I stopped what I was doing, took my pen and notebook to record what I heard:

This is the LULL BEFORE THE STORM. Use it to prepare your hearts, minds, and souls. What is coming is not what you expect. You will see many things that you have not seen before – prepare yourselves for this, so you will not be taken off guard.

There will be disasters wide spread, but some areas will be kept safe because I have sent MY protective angels to cover these places.

Before Christmas, much chaos will come in like a flood. I will raise up a standard for MY own, I will put their feet in a spacious place. I will be their covering if they turn to ME with faith.”

[I then asked the LORD what is coming, and I heard]:

“A lights-out event. It will sweep the land and the world will plunge into darkness. (this could be spiritual and/or physical)

Though this is not by MY hand, I will allow it to test the people of this earth. Very few have been truly tested, for they continue to seek comfort and pleasure. Those (things) will be taken away, and they will have to face the real issues in their life.

Many will fail this test and will turn to ‘another.’ They will seek man for help, instead of Almighty GOD and HIS SON, JESUS.

This is how you fail the test….by not putting your faith in ME. Those who listen to prophecies and then walk away, are like those who look in a mirror and change not.

Many will fall under the weight of their own sins, during this time. Like MY WORD says, there will be a great falling away. (2 Thessalonians 2:3) Do not be deceived and think that you are secure, because the enemy comes to challenge MY children. In this last hour, he will do anything and everything he can to pull down MY children! Please be aware of his schemes so you will not succumb to his lies and deceptions. (2 Corinthians 2:11) Pray for the spirit of discernment during these last days!

I come swiftly to rescue MY BRIDE….those who have been consecrated and sanctified in MY BLOOD. Seek ME now and I will lead you down the narrow path that few find.

The SAVIOR of the WORLD,


I waited for awhile, and then asked the LORD if there was anything else….and I heard:

Stay true to ME and I will confess your name to MY FATHER.”

“Do not squander the time….for it is the LULL BEFORE THE STORM!”

“I will answers all those who call on ME with all of their hearts!”

“Rejoice, for you were made for such a time as this!”



“See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:15-16

“So teach us to number our days,

That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.” Psalms 90:12

“Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still.

 Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven.” Psalms 107:27-30






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  1. Sounds like the 3 Days of Darkness! Sontttu78 channel, “Signs leading up to the 3 D of D”! Fast video! INFORMATIVE!

  2. A seasoned Prophet or one with the gift of prophecy or word of knowledge would have waited this word out for clarification. Sometimes I wait for days, weeks & even months? It is imperative to wait for God to give the proper interpretation, then the application, in order to make proclamation.

    We are all aware trouble is around the corner. Posting these vague nebulous words does little if any good now. Please use more discernment here.

  3. Rob

    So, I take it you put up a tree and celebrate christmas every year ?
    Please respond.

  4. Tharlene LakesMathis

    I feel the same way as this prophesy,but the line of chaos before Christmas,,sorry,but there is no Christmas in the real Christian beliefs,nor in the KJVBible,these holidays as such,Chris.,Halloween,NY etc, are all Pagan,just because the christians of old tried to turn that around with different meaning to act as a good thing,,Is Not with GOD!,it Is Written! Part of what is wrong with the world,some still want to worship Baal & God is a jealous God! And as well why we are (US) is considered Mystery (now modern) Babylon!

  5. BE Real 888

    first spiritual and when physical will happen completely . 3 days and nights of darkness . back there was tested in coasts california see in news ….

  6. Yastreb

    Luke 13:34-35 –
    34 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the ONE WHO KILLS the prophets and STONES THOSE WHO ARE SENT to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you WERE NOT WILLING! 35 See! YOUR HOUSE is left to you DESOLATE; and assuredly, I say to you, YOU SHALL NOT SEE ME until the time comes WHEN YOU SAY, ‘Blessed is HE WHO COMES in the name of the Lord!’ ”

    Those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones, nor should those who live in tents, let their fires burn unattended.

    The Father knows the Son, and the Son knows the Father. We know the Father not, nor do we know the Son. Nonetheless, because the Father loves the Son, He will reveal His mercy, for He knows that we know not what the Son does. Upon seeing the sea of glass, our eyes shall mourn, for then shall we know.

    Be WISE AS SERPENTS, and as mild as DOVES.

  7. Mathew

    I thought this word was wonderfully clear, here are a few key points: (1) Prepare your hearts for the storm ahead. (2) Expect the unexpected. (3) Some areas will be kept safe. (4) In the midst of the coming trouble, God’s remnant will be in a spacious place. (5) The Lord is our refuge. (6) Guidance about a coming event. (7) Forgiveness through the blood sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. This prophecy did not clarify every detail, but no prophecy ever does. Each prophecy helps us to see more of the overall picture. I understood the reference to Christmas to be an indication of timing rather than an endorsement of Christmas. And I would be confident that the author released this word exactly when the Lord told her to.

  8. White bird

    Elizabeth Marie doesn’t celebrate Christmas. And she has had multiple prophecies fulfilled over the years. And she only gives personal opinion separately, usually AFTER the Word she receives from the Lord or not at all. Respect.

  9. Graham

    Hey David thanks for challenging everything, it just seems everyone is sprouting the same thing and a lot on this site you just know in your heart is nonsense, even Julie Whedbee (surname might be wrong) one off the true and rare prophets on her latest word confirmed there is a lot off mingling going on and to stop looking at prophecy websites and looking for the latest word, and as God is my witness last few weeks I’ve felt God tell me to stop looking at prophecy and switch off the tv and focus on spending time with Him and in the word and lo and behold Julie confirms exactly what God has been prompting me to do, there only 3 on this site I think are actually true prophets and I know their websites so don’t even need to come on here and we’ll see if that 3 goes to 2 as one off the 3 has been saying something is going to happen in 7 weeks we’ll we have 1 week left nothing happens I’ll know never to look at what he says again. But thanks for being bold enough to say ‘hold on this is not sitting right with me’ eg I think last week someone was posted on here saying they heard from an angel ilya or something like that and as one off my gifts from the Holy Spirit is discernment I felt really strong discernment that he heard from a demonic spirit not an angel, and yet we have this ‘word from God’ being posted on here when I felt it was a demon speaking not God. But how and ever just wanted to say thanks there’s a lot off people who need confronting on this site a lot off false words with no accountability when nothing happens or goes as they plan but this is getting long so need to go. God bless!

  10. Emee

    Agreed David Gatewood.

  11. K Mountain

    Thanks Elizabeth. Darkness probably for some. Wisconsin and some of the other Northern States will probably have a grid down incident this winter, possibly before Xmas. That could cause election chaos. Which could be the very reason for “lights out.”

    (GOD is jealous of who we serve at a heart level – Christ is to be the GOD of our heart. Anyone stuck in any sin does not have Jesus as the GOD of their heart – Colossians 1:27, 1 Peter 3:15. Acts 3:26. John 8:36)

  12. Tim

    Jesus told us that the kingdom of God is not seen with the physical eyes – “neither here nor there, but WITHIN.” It is the same with the darkness, it is IN OUR MIDST, yet very few recognize it, for does not come as the natural man sees.

    Father, I pray to you, forgive us our manifold sins, for we know not what we do, nor do we know the path we walk. As in the Psalms, we have neither knowledge nor understanding, and walk about in darkness. As in Jonah, we know not our right from our left. YOU know my heart. I ask you, out of your unfathomable mercy, is it not time that you reveal Your divine truth to us, that you “pull off the veil”, that we ALL see OURSELVES as YOU KNOW us to be? I know much more comes, but do we not NEED this now? As Jesus prayed aloud to You for all to hear with their EARS, I do this now also before believers, scoffers, and mockers alike, knowing that they cannot hurt me for You are with me, and I write this in such manner, that PERHAPS You are able to touch the HEART of EVEN ONE.

    I pray for all mankind.

  13. Gustavus Adolphus

    I’ve been saved 42 years and before that a student of the NWO. I have found Elizabeth Marie to be one of the most anointed and sharpest watchman I have ever heard, up there with Pastor Dana Coverstone. God has been giving us all the prophetic puzzle pieces for September through December to those who have ears to hear. Be encouraged and blessed Elizabeth Marie and thank you for being such a faithful servant of the Lord.

  14. Nat

    Her prophecy aligns with the most recent Dana Coverstone video – don’t be so wise in your own understanding and opinion.
    I agree, the use of christmas had nothing to with endorsement but everything to do with timeframe.

    May we be ready! May we be counted worthy!

  15. Graham

    Update: Apologies to Elizabeth and those who commented advising how they know her and trust her as a true prophet. I should off explained myself more clearly on the above comment I made, but when I made it I was talking directly to David as I noticed he has commented on other posts from other people who post on here and confronted the ‘words from God’ which I believe a few on here really need to be accountable. What I wrote had nothing to do with Elizabeth or this word, I just saw David’s comment and how it was suppose to come across was – I see your posting on other people’s posts that don’t sit well with me and thank you for confronting this especially with the latest word from Julie confirming a lot off false prophets speaking out off their own minds.
    What I said had nothing to do with Elizabeth or this word, I should off written it on the other posts I felt were not sitting right with me instead off on this post, as I should off realised people reading it would think I was talking directly about Elizabeth when I wasn’t. So sorry for any confusion, I can’t seem to delete that post I made but again just to clarify I was talking about other ‘prophets’ not Elizabeth.

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