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LUKEWARM – Susan Davis

Susan Davis

I received this letter back in Sept. 2010

Words of the LORD:
The lukewarm church will be lost. It will be left. I have no time for the lukewarm. They have one foot in this world and one foot in My world. I will spit them out. I will not tolerate a church that has a halfhearted love toward Me. They trifle with My love. They play games with Me. They want Me and the world both. I do not want their love. They want Me on their terms. They want Me only when it suits them. I have no time for their halfway love and commitment. I want a soldout church. I want a bride who only has eyes for Me. I am a jealous God and I will have no other gods before Me. Their halfhearted interest in Me is abominable. It is wretched.

I do not want their relationship. If they cannot choose for Me with complete abandon to Me, they are not fit for My Kingdom. I am seeking a church who is only in love with Me. Very few walk this path. Very few will be ready to go. I am sorry for the rest, but these are My terms. I am clear about what I ask of My people: all or nothing. I want your all—complete surrender. If you still have time and eyes for this world, I cannot help you. The end is coming. Soon you must choose: all or nothing. Give Me your all. I gave all. I ask nothing less of you. This is your hour to decide. Give Me your heart. Give Me your life. Let Me take you home to safety. You will be safe and unharmed to a happy home of peace everlasting. Please let Me protect you and keep you from this coming trouble.

I am the only door to safety. You will not find help anywhere else. Choose wisely—give Me everything and I will give you freedom, and a life—a beautiful world, an everlasting Kingdom where we will rule and reign together forever. It will be glorious. The choice is yours. I do not force. I am standing in front of you. You have this choice to make—I ask nothing less than complete surrender.

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