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Love of Jesus – Patti Young


Love of Jesus

September 30, 2023 11:54 AM
Patti Young

The Lord was with me tonight, its 1:26 at night. He woke me.

I saw people walking in a vision before me, and they were emptied vessels, just shells filled with nothing but love, pure complete love. And they had a beautiful fragrance that came from them, I could smell and it was the scent of roses. The Lord then showed me his heart and let me feel it.

He then said to me “This is the desire of my heart, that they may be as one for am I not the Rose of Sharon? This is the desire of my heart and my work will not be finished in man until I accomplish this desire, for this is the fulfillment of my word.The healing of all the nations can only be restored by my love, for there is no greater power. Come away my child come and abide with me in my garden in your heart for there my spirit dwells.”

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