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Jason Brierly

January 19, 2019


Love abundantly…

because as I and those of the open eyed variety take a deep and long gaze about in society amock there seems to be something amiss…evil is at an all time high as about the world in which we live, atrocious activity is deemed permissible by the onlookers as the onslaught to all that is right unfolds to the chagrin of those who are deep in their integrity…and I’m drawn to shake my head in a manner which seems as though I try to awake from a terrible dream in which what’s right is wrong and most of all alive are seemingly lost…and as the soul-diers trudge the battlefield in the war of good and evil, it seems so few are truly aware of the parallel from one extreme to the other which dictates that with the worse kinds of evils, somewhere in the world is the deepest unabashed love that unfolds within what seems no more than a few, in a lost remnant of all that is right…with the darkest of evil which plays out on a mainstream level that so many claim ignorance of, there by definition must be a parallel which allows the comparison in contrast between said evil and said love as it all unfolds…and so in the depths of this fold in the fabric of time, as the most pivotal moments in history of time unfold (right behind the raising of the Perfect One to life upon death), we all as a creation of God become what we are destined to become as some play into the world and with that choice the evils that so many refuse to see, and the others choose to become the love that so many people seem so far removed from, to become the light that shines from the heart as defined by a tenacious love which labels us martyrs of the day…while so many in the world that make up the majority choose to hate and buy into all that is evil which casts a terrible shadow deep in the valley where death resides, we are left to make a choice which bares a lasting effect to one parallel or the other…you can go with the world in the dangerous trend that’s set or you can love abundantly in reckless abandon and tenacity as a remnant few who’s love will far outweigh all the darkness of the world as the evil unfolds in the drama of life which is broadcast in real time, live in h.d…and on that fateful day when the light cuts the nice fat wake through all that is dark, those who chose love in comparison to hate will stand as the pillars of a household which will rest upon a foundation that defines how to do it right, in Jesus/Yeshua’s name I declare before all the heavens as the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob bares witness to my words which I speak in the boldness of authority from on high…(Tst5)

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  1. Jane

    The LOVE The Lord provides is eternal, it is everlasting and if only people would open their eyes to see that they could have his full blown love right now but they choose to see good and evil and evil as good. Misguided in a delusion of not understanding God Almighty’s Truth.

    He is our LOVER, not a hater.

    If only people saw the light and not the darkness. They judge in self righteousness as do many on here. The path is narrow and people don’t realise how narrow. For The Lord will judge them and his heavenly angels will defend them.

    Psalms 82:1
    A psalm of Asaph. God presides over heaven’s court; he pronounces judgment on the heavenly beings:

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