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Lost Sheep – 278pikelk

Lost Sheep – 278pikelk

Posted on October 10, 2018

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My Children, My Father sent Me in the flesh to walk among you. I walked your earth in flesh and bone and became the sinless and perfect Lamb of God. I was slain for the sin of the world, and all that believe upon Me and receive Me will be saved. Some ask “Saved from what?” Tell them, My scribe, that they will be saved from eternal separation from their Creator. The hearts of My creation were created specifically to hold Me within them. A heart that does not have Me within it is empty, and consequently, that heart is filled with darkness, emptiness, and evil. I was the sacrifice on the Cross for every human heart that will receive Me. It is not enough, My Loves, to just believe that I existed. You must believe why. You must understand My pure and simple Gospel. My sacrifice upon the Cross was full payment, full payment for the sin of the world. I broke the curse put upon My Creation, being the perfect atonement for that curse. Either you accept that I was the perfect sacrifice or you do not, for My mercy was put in place for those that will receive it. It is My will that not one will perish. It is My will to wrangle in the last lost sheep, but those filled with the pride of their own self-righteousness keep chasing My lost sheep away. They judge My lost sheep not by My standards but by their own. Only I can judge what is in the heart of a man, yet so many of My Children think that they are capable of judging. Since you cannot see into another man’s heart, how do you judge what you cannot see? And do you see My sheep fleeing further away as you place condemnation upon them? You place upon these the undue burden of cleaning up their lives in order to enter My sheepfold. This keeps so many away. They run in fear that they will never be good enough. They stumble through the darkness because all they have been shown by My self-righteous children is condemnation. Many seal off My narrow gate. They preach a different gospel, a false gospel that relies on the righteousness of man alone, but fails to teach the truth that there is not one righteous among you, for a man’s righteousness is no righteousness at all, and one who believes he is righteous apart from Me, will fall. Woe to you who chase away the lost with your false teachings. Woe to you who make it difficult for the lost to see My light. You preach a doctrine of demons and you place upon My creation an impossible burden to bear, for it is a burden that I have already borne. If a man could bear this burden, then My sacrifice was for naught. Hear Me, lost sheep. Close your ears to those that wish to cast you aside. I am your only answer. Come as you are. Come today. Come now, for whatever your demons, I have overcome them. Whatever your sin, it was already hung upon the tree. I promise, lost sheep, I will not leave you where I found you, but it will not be by your own power that you are made new. Allow Me to dress you in the finest righteous robes, for as a child of the King you will be treated as such. You enter My narrow gate not by your own righteousness, but by surrendering to Mine. Try as you might, you will never enter the narrow gate by getting yourself clean. You enter My narrow gate by receiving My pure and simple Gospel. Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing that block your way from entering. Woe to them that condemn you before you can even see My narrow gate. They do not see that they do the enemy’s bidding. My pure and simple Gospel is not based upon who you are and what you’ve done. It is based upon what I have already done. So, to the dirty, filthy sheep who are being chased away by the self-righteous, come home. Receive your inheritance. You deserve it far more than those that believe they’ve earned it. Only truly humbled hearts will enter My narrow gate, and truly humbled hearts know they don’t deserve to enter in. Only truly humbled hearts understand that it is not their own righteousness but by Mine that they enter in. Come home now, My lost ones. I will wash you as white as snow. Do not believe the lie that you can wash yourselves. Agape, My lost ones, come home. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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