Loss will bring many to their knees – Krystal Beall

Loss will bring many to their knees

October 7, 2019
Krystal Beall

Peace, be still my beloved faithful. I know many of you are weary, worn and longing. I hear your cries of distress and fatigue. I have listened. I have heard. I have answered. Trust. Believe. Know. In the twinkling of an all …everything changes. Many of you have been refined through my intense fire of purification and have suffered, and are suffering greatly. You who partake of my bitter cup, sharing it to the dregs with me, rejoice for I tell ye, You can not fathom the glory of it all. I know the pain you bear. The price you pay behind closed doors where only I see your tears fall, collecting them in my bottle. A great harvest of glory awaits thee. Do you believe this? Do you trust me? Lean not on your own understanding. My thoughts are not your thoughts…My ways higher. I AM faithful. I AM true. I AM he who hath promised and I shall fulfill all that which is written and I have spoken. For I know the thoughts I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not evil…to give you an expected end. I will do this for you. I have. I will heal and restore you in full. All the locusts have consumed…restored in full measure..shaken…pressed down, flowing over. I have. Faith my beloved. Faith. Not sight. Your faith greatly pleases me, is highly rewarded and moves many mountains before thee. There is good for all who love me and are called according to my purpose. I AM good. I AM the good shepherd. I will not fail nor disappoint you…ever. It is my good pleasure to give you my Kingdom, to dwell with you in my garden of delights. Arise. Stand. My glory has risen and rests upon thee. The darkness is thick. The deception deep, yet it is I who allow this to be so. Many are blind. Many are deaf. Many hold fast to a beast system that is against me in full and an abhorrence to me. For many the fire is being extinguished in this final hour, for many it is beginning and will be most severe. Fire moves a man and changes everything. Loss will bring many to their knees with bowed heads of sorrow, uplifted hands unto me for mercy and I shall receive them. Stripped, naked, broken, and before me, as was in the beginning, so shall it be again. Many wonder in oblivion to all that has unfolded, is unfolding and shall come to pass swiftly. Blessed are you who are awake… watching, longing and looking up for ye know that your redemption draweth nigh, lo has come. Blessed are all who have warned and continue to do so admist the mockery, scorn and rejection. I feel your pain. It is my own. Take heart. I AM not mocked. I have set a table for thee in the presence of thy enemy, ye shall eat and be satisfied, praising my name, the name of your LORD, who has dealt wonderously with thee. My people shall never be ashamed. Lift up thy head. Open thy gates. The King of Glory has come in. I have loved thee with an everlasting love, yea with kindness have I drawn thee. Fear not. Believe. It is midnight. My light shines in the darkness without hinderance. I AM the light of the world. He who followeth me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life. Are you hungry for me? Are you thirsty for me? Do you desire and love me above all? This is my commandment to thee and acceptable and pleasing unto me. Receive me with love and great joy. I long for thee. Glory… loves…Glory. .great glory. Behold I come quickly. Fear not. Great is my love for you. Open windows….an immeasurable blessing, room enough not to receive it. Milk and honey flowing. Healing. Restoration. Resurrection. All things new. Eternal life.

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