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Los Angeles spared from Russian bombs as we pray the blood of Jesus over it – Kristin Mitchell

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Los Angeles spared from Russian bombs as we pray the blood of Jesus over it

February 10, 2023
Kristin Mitchell
For many years I’ve seen visions of destruction coming into Los Angeles. I’ve seen tsunamis, earthquakes, famine, FEMA camps and more since 2012. In all the visions those who listen to the warnings and follow me are saved. Those who blow off warnings don’t make it.

In 2012 I heard the audible voice of an angel speaking saying,

“All that God has spoken to you will come to pass.”

Many years later I can attest to the fact that ALL THAT GOD HAS SHOWN ME HAS COME TO PASS and still is coming to pass all the way until His RETURN. His second coming. He will pour out where destruction has come. He will allow destruction, “so that the most people possible will be saved.”

Also heard this audibly from an angel. My latest dream….

On February 4, 2023 I had a dream that Russian bombs and ships were on the west coast of LA in the ocean. I saw a large canon come out of the sea and prepare to fire at Los Angeles. I walked closer to it as people were running away and I started praying out loud yelling at it, “the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus!” As I did this the bomb fired but turned back on itself. The canon was literally bent backwards. They fired more and they continued to hit their own ships behind them which began sinking as they drifted away from the shore. No matter what they tried no bomb came out towards Los Angeles. This is a warning to PRAY. Pray with me the blood of Jesus over Los Angeles!

Los Angeles has been warned to pray for many years by myself and many others. As we pray the blood of Jesus over our city we trust that God will turn the bombs away from Los Angeles. Much catastrophic destruction is coming to California but Russia can be thwarted if we pray. God is merciful and hears our prayers.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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