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Aug 9, 2019, 8:42 PM
LaTonya Canada-Christ

I am your God, if you choose Me as your God. I am your friend, if you choose me as your friend. I am your love, if you choose me as your love. Whatever you need me to be, I will be…on one condition – that I am given Lordship.

I get to steer the ship. I get to say what goes and what stays. I get to call the shots. I have a proven track record. I never leave, nor forsake. Though you do not see My hand at work I am constant and present.

So, I offer to anyone, all that you need, for lordship. I require absolute trust. No plan B, C, or D. I become your provider, protector, friend, confidant, companion, liaison, advocate, physician, helper, mediator, covenant partner, but I AM is Lord.

I am tired of the current arrangements with My sons and daughters. They want everything and control of the relationship. They want my goods, my hands, my blessings, and control of their God – everything goes. I must share them with every idol and encumbrance. And I am supposed to be ok with this arrangement? Well I AM is not. I AM is not comfortable with the status quo. I want loyalty as I AM exhibits loyalty. I want fidelity and faithfulness as I AM exhibits faithfulness.

How many times have my sons and daughters strayed and I received them with open arms? Because I know the end from the beginning…Because I know the evil you love, seeks to destroy your soul and I will do everything to keep that from being accomplished. BUT I AM is tired and weary of the adultery. I cannot stomach it much longer. I AM is about to vomit up those who want to leave…those who will only have their way…those who will not give up lordship and the controls of our relationship. You beg and plead for your ways…Be careful what you wish for…be careful what you desire in another’s green field of grass. Because I am going to release those to their own vices who think they know better than I AM. I am weary of these processions. So, to whosoever that has a mustard seed of faith, I offer all in exchange for Lordship. I AM the way of eternal life. Choose ye this day whom you will serve. Me or you? So be it.”
The Alpha & Omega

The Beginning & The End

The First & The Last

And everything in between I AM,

Will you let Me be?

Received by LaTonya Canada-Christ at 1:11pm

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