Lord have mercy! Brothers and sisters, prepare for impact – Chris Germany


Lord have mercy! Brothers and sisters, prepare for impact

August 5, 2020 9:57 AM
Chris Germany

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

On August 4th, 2020 I had a short dream which I have to share:

I was on a real big construction site. It was a very vast field full of different construction work going on. In a first rating it could be the construction of an extremely spacious hospital or a medium air hub. Construction was just sandbox work, not much of higher buildings.

I was in a car with a driver and the situation was without action, just hanging around, waiting for something. Just when we were starting to leave the site there was a radio call. It was reported, that an accident happened somewhere on that site and a Rescue Helicopter was dispatched to the location.

In real life my first profession is being a Paramedic. I’m allowed to give drug doses or perform airway management – things like that. But that wasn’t my job on that scene and the car wasn’t equipped. But I directed the driver to that scene even if the helicopter is in the air – perhaps I could provide any assistance.

The car stopped on a sandy ridge, I jumped of the car and ran down to the scene where the incident had occurred. It was not clearly visible and the way slightly down to the “accident” was sandy or muddy, some 80-100 meters (90-110 yards) away. In real life it’s often the same: You can’t identify the scene clearly from far off, the spot itself is normally very small no matter what the incident is. So in this view I couldn’t figure out the incident, but I had the direction. From far there was an extremely huge forklift truck visible (I’d say approximately some 30-40 meters in height)! This one was carrying a huge yellow fluid tank high in the air above its silhouette. It was very dangerous seeing it waving to and fro, front and back. The forklift driver was nearly unable to catch the load though the forklift truck was heavy.

But that was not the incident. The problem was related to that and located in front of it on the ground. I “knew” that the accident had happened in before and let the forklift truck and its payload wave so extremely. When I arrived on the spot the yellow fluid tank was dangerously waving over our heads and it would be mortal for all of us if it comes down.

When I arrived there was a worker lying on the ground. He was a male in his late 50s/ early 60s. Somehow he had been hit by a load. I couldn’t see the load or his forklift truck, but he was severely injured. He was surrounded by other workers kneeling on both sides on the sandy ground.

I offered assistance to the men and asked for the responsible medic or first responder. They were just looking at me in silence – no answer. Suddenly a man interrupted the situation. He tried to make the workers understand that nothing should be done! I wondered about that but the guy seemed to have special knowledge.

I didn’t care and started initial assessment. First I talked to the victim to explain my exploration on his body, that he should not be scared. And that I wanted to start with the head. The victim was conscious without any body movement but he started to talk to me: He pointed with his right hand to his head to show me where he’s locating the main pain. Thereafter the arm felt back to the ground.

When I touched his head very tenderly I could feel a major damage to the skull. His forehead was extremely bold, but behind there were vast fractures to the coronal suture and behind. I could touch the bones but in between there was soft tissue or fluid which let me to the conclusion that the brain had suffered bad damage with bleeding. The victim was still talking a little bit and I saw some minor blood drops going down to the chin.

From behind there was again the guy who wants the others to stop. He tried to figure out one worker to leave for a small conversation to make clear: don’t help this victim. Still nobody was talking to me.

The helicopter was still not available, I couldn’t hear him but I felt he must be some minutes from landing!

When I watched down the victims body he was crashed from head to toe: The thorax was instable with no chance for chest compressions in reanimation, the abdomen was damaged and the pelvis instable, the skin was grey not only from smoking, more from haemorrhage. To make it short: The man was on the verge of dying!

Normally I’m not so early on such a scene. It takes some time to get there. It was difficult for me to see passing away in such an early stage and have nothing in my hand…. The others were still kneeling on the mans’ sides but still not talking or doing anything than stabilizing. All of us knew “it’s finished”.

I couldn’t keep it in that way and went on, going to the left arm, searching for veins. I wanted to establish an iv-line to apply fluid and drugs – if the helicopter would finally arrive at the scene to bring equipment. Suddenly I was given a needle and I found a still filled blood vessel where I put the cannula! Then the view faded.

Still being in the dream I knew immediately its significance. I was so helpless! I started praying the “Lord’s Prayer” and “Hail Mary”. I couldn’t help at all but to bring the explanation to you, brothers and sisters. I was weeping. I begged several times the Father to have Mercy and that is what you should do, too!

Currently I’m in my nightshift week, so I’m sleeping during noon to be prepared for the next shift.

When I had a glimpse on my clock it was 13:36h in German style, it is 01:36 p.m. in American style, which means according to Strong’s concordance:6


Suddenly an incident occurs and a worker is hit fatally – this is the USA or the President of the United States!

He is wounded with just a little bleeding but he is smashed totally from head to toe. The bold frontal bone of the skull was not able to manage the power that damaged the brain. The whole body is crashed and dying from internal haemorrhage.

In its background there’s a major fluid tank waving high in the air which is triggered from the first event – this is the market. The extremely heavy forklift (banks/ economy) is not able to catch the payload or keep it from swinging. The forklift lifted the yellow tank too high into the air – that should cause such waving! Nevertheless I didn’t remember it coming down!

There’s a man coming twice to instruct the co-workers to not give assistance to the dying man. The silent co-workers kept their position in stabilizing the man ON THEIR KNEES!

The Rescue Helicopter is the LORD JESUS CHRIST in person who is minutes(!) from touch down. We could not hear or see him – but He is so close that we could feel him arrive. And when He is on the scene HE will manage it!

That led us to the point that we should go on: fixing the body on our knees and establishing an iv-line. Do not only wait, do what you can – even if you’re called away from that. The body still isn’t dead.

I’m putting the needle into the vein – nothing else I can do! If the helicopter is on the ground there’s not only a neurosurgeon available. It’s a healer in complete!!! The ONE who can heal the dying man.

He needs our work. He needs the stabilization and the iv access to give his “drugs” and start the healing process. We must be in touch with that body to give basic assistance and to bypass the current lack of supernatural healing by the LORD. We are the hands and the knees He needs IN BEFORE.

Though the victim was fatally wounded I never saw him dying! He is not a dead person or a corpse, he is a patient. We must keep on working until the Lord arrives.

That means for the next time:

– Brace for the impact! The body and the head will be crashed. And it seems to be fatal.

– Observe the markets to not fall on your head.

– Whatever they tell you: Stay on bended knees. Support the body.

– The LORD is on a close approach. HE WILL BE THERE!!!

– If you feel helpless – like I do- start praying! Do not give in, do not quit! Ask HIM for mercy. The whole world is in need for that.

We are in the last minutes!

Quitting is not an option!

Praise to the King for giving us time to repent, a supernatural view on things happening and the confirmation to be on the right site.

I’m looking forward to YOU finding us on bended knees when you arrive, please give us strength.

Come LORD, come!!!


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