Look for Me to rescue you – Become like Jesus

“Look for Me to rescue you” – Become like Jesus” – Become like Jesus

May 5, 2018

Daughter, it is I, the Lord Jesus who speaks to you this day and I am using you a vessel in which to speak through. Write these words for they are true and faithful. Yea, I confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.
My children, my bride, be ready, for the kingdom of God is at your doorstep. I am in your midst and ready to sound the alarm. It is my good pleasure to bring you home. You have been under siege from the enemy of your souls and he has been trying to distract you from that which is important. It is of the utmost importance in these last few moments I have given you to seek out the lost and tell them of Me. Tell them I have always loved them. Tell them that they too can come home to Me if they only repent and receive Me into their heart. Do not fear man or fear to share of Me. Open your mouth and I will give you the words to speak at that moment. A multitude of sin is covered when just one soul is retrieved from death’s door. Your reward in heaven will be your recompense for loving one another. Expect Me at any moment, for I come. Talk to Me continually throughout your daily life. Yes I know and see all. But share with Me your concerns, seek Me in earnest and I will be listening as a doting father listens to his child. As you speak your words of love to Me, I will be listening. Do not let yourself be drawn away because of the daily cares of this life. Avoid all distractions because your moment of deliverance is upon you. I ask you, will I find faith when I come for you? For by it, I created the universe and all that is in it. It is Mine, and you are Mine. I will have no other gods before Me. Seek Me first as you start your day, and before you lay your head down. Tell Me of your day, also, read My Holy Word, daily. It is food for your souls, it washes you and prepares you for life’s challenges and your eternal life with Me. Remember, if you hear a statement that is not in agreement with The Word, toss it out. The Word and the Spirit are always in total agreement. Do not allow yourselves to be led away with doctrines of devils that can fool itchy ears. Be certain to honor Me with the first fruits of your increase, and I will bless you that your cup will be filled to overflowing. As you empower your angels by obeying Me, they will protect you and your loved ones.
As you know, your world is entering a chaotic state. Even now, your governments are changing the course of the world by making apprehensible and irrevocable decisions that will remove peace from the earth. They are fulfilling their destiny. But My children will not be here to suffer the same afflictions because you are coming home to Me. My timing is impeccable. Make no mistake, the rapture is real and those that are ready and watching will go. Because I love you, I have shortened the days for your sake. Look for Me to come rescue you at a moment you least expect. Keep a watchful eye so you will not be taken off guard. It is at hand. Listen for My trump to sound. It is I, your first love, your true love, Jesus❤️


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