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Long, Cold, Dark Winter Coming! – McKana


Long, Cold, Dark Winter Coming!

November 8, 2022 1:37 PM

November 8, 2022

Proverbs 27:12 (KJV)
A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.

There is nothing new which you haven’t heard. All have been prophesied through different mouths and these prophetic words are confirmations of what we know.

In a number of prophetic words, old and new, we have learned that there is coming a sever winter storm. We also know that the hand of the Lord is on the weather . The Lord has also told us earlier that the weatherman will have difficulty forecasting the weather. Many, including myself expected many foretold calamities and the sever winter in the last two-three years. The Lord has a prescribed time for everything. We have learned that God speaks in events and man’s timing is not Gods timing.

This time, do not question but be ready.
In this coming winter:

1. It will be Dark-No light, No power, No heat.
2. It will be Cold, frozen and chilly
3. It will be long- It will start early and lasts into the summer months.
4. Add the major earthquake, the war, the pestilance and the coming famine, the world is heading for a major disaster.
5. Then the Lord will comes after the long, cold and dark winter, says the prophecy.

Few of the spoken prophetic words:

This is for now:

“There was a tremendously long winter that caught everyone by surprise following the siege of sickness. It started early and lasted into the summer months. A famine had begun over the few years leading up to the long winter because of storms, droughts, floods and other plagues that had taken place; and the abnormally long cold period seemed to cause the famine to suddenly increase to its full measure.
In the period of time following the disease, which was quickly followed by the long winter, things started going down hill very quickly. Events piled up one on top of another without any breaks.”

“I Received Warning Message That Says, This Coming Winter Will be Colder Than It Was.
BELOVED OF GOD PLEASE PREPARE!-WARNING” Avidan, September 17, 2018 2:38 PM

“My son, PREPARE and SHOUT to My children that this will be a DARK WINTER
My son, this will be a very DARK and COLD WINTER. Many will not make it and will come home. I have said before that I have opened the first FIVE SEALS and hold the SIXTH SEAL in My hand. Soon I will snap the seal, and My GREAT BALL OF FIRE will come for a visit . The ARMY FROM THE NORTH will cause great havoc, and NO ONE will expect it. They believe the lies that the BEAR is weak and unable to move”
“My son, this will be a long, cold, DARK WINTER. Some will be WITHOUT LIGHT OR POWER, thanks to the Bear, My servant.”

Sevier Snow/ice Storm.

“In this swisft short vision, I see everything frozen, trees completely covered with water crystals and long ice spikes. It is deep freeze. The color of the freeze is not white but the color of ice water. The trees have formed white crystals hanging, long, down to earth. It is strange to the look. There is nothing to see but frozen spiky, crystal ice all over the trees and the ground coverd with frozed ice.”
Deep freezing winter weather ahead.

The effect on life and society is “activity freezing.” Added to what we know, the combined result is an “All out storm.”

Sever Cold Weather Ahead.(Vision of June 6, 2022 ~3:00AM)McKana

Repent, Prepare, Be Ready!


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