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Locust is coming to America & England – Messager of the Most High

Locust is coming to America & England

2020/06/09 at 7:59 AM
Messager of the Most High

Message Given Tuesday June 9, 2020

Locust is coming to America
Get Grains if you can
Famine is coming to America
There will be more riots in America, more deaths
There is going to be shakings after shakings in America

Locust is coming to England
Locust will be in London England
Many will die in London the city parts of London
London will be destroyed
Get out of the cities now many of the deaths will be in the cities get out now
Thus said the Spirit of the Most High

Please stay in prayer for these prophecys and get your own confirmations.

Jesus is coming very soon get your houses in order, stay in repentance, read your bible and seek the most high so you can here his voice. Change the way you eat and in this time more fasting and prayer. Get off the TV stay away from distraction.

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