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Living Waters – Patti Young

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Living Waters

December 14, 2022
Patti Young

Before me I began to see beautiful clear, blue glistening water and then I began to hear the Lord speak. ” When I go into the deepest is where I find the cleanest water.” He then showed me the Spirit of a man, and he was inside of this spirit searching everywhere, moving and searching and looking and removing everything out of it that was not clean, was not of him, because he does live inside of us.

Then in a vision I saw clear glistening, pure, translucent, beautiful water at the very bottom, like in a well. And he showed me in order to bring up and bring out that clean living water, everything had to be removed, brought out of the way. He told me he was preparing vessels that his living waters would rise up and flow out of, he then said ” These are rivers of living waters in abundance without any end, so that all that come to me can drink from this water like the woman at the well. Those who thirst will come to the wells to drink, the wells which contain the pure living water of I AM, who is in these vessels, the ones I have purified and made clean. These who drink shall thirst no more.”

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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