Living Waters – Liz Lau


Living Waters

October 20, 2020 6:15 PM
Liz Lau

This dream was from Sept 18, 2020. In this dream I lived with my mother and siblings. We rented part of a house and the landlady lived in another part. We had rented this place for years but had now bought it and own the whole house.

We hadn’t walked through it before buying so we had to find out what was now ours. The part where the landlady used to live looked very different from ours. Ours was roomy, bright and modern, while this was small, dim and outdated, but it did have its own kitchen and bathroom, so it had potential to be transformed into something really nice if you work on it. The stairs to the basement was in this part of the house. We didn’t even know it was there. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, we found a narrow wall right in front of us. It was so close it was inches from my face when I stepped off the stairs. The stairs were dark and narrow and so you can’t see this wall until it’s almost in front of you. Unlike the rest of the house, this wall, and a small part of the adjoining wall along to the stairs, was pink with big polka dots. I thought it looked garish and outdated and we should cover it up or something.

The whole basement turned out to be a self-contained dwelling but this one is open concept and well-lit. The bed, complete with white sheets, was at the far end. There was an exposed pipe next to it, and water was gushing out non-stop from it, close to the floor. I said twice that the pipe was leaking but no one paid any attention. Since the immediate surrounding remained dry and the water looked clean, I wasn’t too concerned either.

There was a room next to the pipe. The doorway was kind of dark so we didn’t notice it at first. Instead of a door, there were 2 door-sized parallel panels at the doorway and you have to go through the gap between the panels to get in. It was kind of narrow so we went in single file.

What we saw was totally unexpected. Even though this was in the basement and there were no windows, the room was filled with a bright but gentle natural light. The light was coming from above as if there were no roof, and the room was evenly lit with no dark corners. But that was not the only amazing thing. We saw water streaming out non-stop from multiple places in the walls. I looked at the spots where water was coming out from. They seemed to be the way it was supposed to be, and had been for a long time. Water was streaming out in a natural way, like what you would see from a fast-moving stream or creek. The sight and sound were very pleasing and refreshing. Even the air felt refreshing. There was a shallow pool on the floor. The water was so clean we could clearly see the floor tiles which were in various shades of brown. The place we were standing on was dry as it was higher. We just stood there and watched. Water kept streaming into the pool at a very fast rate but the water level remained the same. When I woke up, the words that came to mind was “living waters”.

My interpretation:

I don’t have a full understanding yet but got some insights as I was reading Byron Searle’s posting titled “Enemy Within“. Maybe someone can help interpret the rest.

I think the house represents our heart and mind. When we’re not fully surrendered to Christ, we’re giving the enemy of our souls legal access to us (the landlady occupied part of the house) and we are slaves to it (having to keep paying rent). When we’re sold out to Christ, the enemy no longer has a legal right to stay (the landlady had to move out) and we have full, unobstructed access to the Living Waters, the Holy Spirit (full access to the stairs). Pink represents the flesh and polka dots represents spots and blemish, so the polka dot pink wall represents hidden sins (we didn’t see it until we were at the bottom of the stairs), and it loses its hold on us (I found it garish and outdated and wanted to get rid of it). Each person has to do this individually (narrow stairway to the wall of hidden sin, and having to enter the room of living waters one by one). And it is good to help and support one another in our walk (we explored the house together as a group and arrived at the room of living waters together).

I’m not sure what the leaking pipe means. It may represent some access to the Holy Spirit but not the fullness.

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