LIVING WATER – Kim Chadwell


June 30, 2020 12:27 PM
Kim Chadwell


3:30 PM

Come to the living water! It will refresh your soul, your spirit, your mind and your physical body. Drench yourself in the water that will sustain you and will strengthen you. It is he who dwells in the secret place who finds the living water.

Living water flows from the throne of God. Set root as a tree, planted by streams of living water, for when you do, your fruit will come forth in due season and your leaves will not wither. The living water flowing from the throne of heaven will fill you to where you will never thirst again (yet you will pant for more!)

What comes from the throne will never cause man to be without. It is only when man steps away from the source does he run parched, as the scorpion in the desert scurries, seeking a source of water.

Come to me. Come to me. Come to my river. Come and bathe. Cleanse yourself.
Cleanse! Wash! Drink! Rest on my banks.

I see those who thirst for living water rather than the filling of the world. I see those who stoop with the cupping of the hand. I see those with their eyes ablaze, looking up, and with their hand at their hip prepared for battle.

Do you hear the bugle?
Do you hear the roll call?
Do you hear the voice calling for summons?

Will you arrive parched,…and only arrive for what I will give you? Or will you arrive as a readied warrior, trained, toned, already fed on the well-diet of manna and living water?

I roam. I look. I search…
I’m searching for the prepared.

Come, come to me, come quickly to my river – come quickly to receive what is still being held for you. Soon I shall release the flow to go forth and what was once living water offered of plenty will become a flood that will push the weak aside.

I am calling my warriors!
I am calling my redeemed!
I am calling the strong!

I have seen you weeping.
I have seen you alone.
I have seen you mistreated.

And, I’ve seen you remain for me.

I am calling you now.
I am calling you now.
Stand up!
Your name is known!

Rise my warrior!

My living water is inside you and never left as human water leaves the body. I saw your tears. I saw you break. I saw you break in the physical and I saw your heart bend. But you did not break against me for I was refining you to remove every connection to the world and bringing you to my banks – the banks reserved for my warriors. The banks of the river of living water.



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