Little gods, demigods, superheros & mutants- your time is up – Watchman Marah

Little gods, demigods, superheros & mutants- your time is up

March 9, 2020 1:24 PM
Watchman Marah

First of all, I am an older sister in the Lord who has served the Lord for years… The God of Israel, alone is our Salvation and has sent His son, Yeshua to heal us, deliver us, and reconnect us to our Heavenly Father through His teachings, His sufferings, His death, resurrection and blood atonement for our sins. Yeshua is Worthy of All Our Praises and all the Glory.

On January 30, 2020 I had a dream. It is unusual for me to have a dream like this, but it speaks volumes of this generation we are in.

It also brings to mind the exploits of Gilgamesh, and the Hindu and Chinese tales and adventures of fantasies, gods and goddesses. Our Super heros are just an updated version.

In my dream, I was going to a meeting our Father was calling us to. He said on my way here, stop by a certain lounge in New York City and then come to the meeting. So I stopped at the lounge He had impressed on me and I stood to observe the crowd.
There in front of me was Thor, the god of thunder who was sitting in a large armchair with a drink in his hand; watching the line of men trying to lift his hammer. Tony Stark, and Captain America were looking on, along with the rest on the Avengers.
Finally I walked up to Thor, and said, “Ok, so if I lift this hammer, can I keep it?”

Shocked, Thor looked at me then at the Avengers looking on, and finally with a confident laugh said, “Yes! If you can lift it, it’s

“Ok, thanks!” I replied and I picked up the hammer and walked away…

Thor almost choked on his drink as Stark and all the Avengers watched Thor to see what he would do.
Thor quickly ran out on the street as I lifted the hammer to dedicate it to God. The hammer turned white and I started to walk away as Thor stopped me. He apologized and said he needed the hammer. I couldn’t have it.

“Ok, I will give you the same opportunity you gave me.” I set the hammer down. “If you can pick up this hammer, it’s yours”

With a smile of confidence, he bent over and grabbed the hammer. But he could not lift it. He wrestled for a while in desperation to take back his hammer. And finally gave up.

“Thor”, I said, “You are a hybrid between the fallen ones and human women. Once you were worthy to lift hammer, but you are not righteous before my God.” “Looks like you are out of a job”. I turned to leave when Stark yelled, “Wait!”. I turned to see all the avengers pleading for me to stay and become an Avenger….
“Gee. I’m sorry guys. Vengeance is Mine saith the Lord!.” With that I walked away.

Watchman Marah

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