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Listen as I call your name

March 29, 2021
Victoria Ang

Word given March 29,2017

A word from the Lord:

My precious children. I am gathering my children to help fight the spiritual battles that are coming forth in these last days( Gods timing) before my return .
Listen as I call your name. Will you be part of my faithful warriors , or sit on the sidelines as a spectator?

I will never force my will upon you. But if you are truly seeking me you will hear my call.Many lives are at stake and my army will make a difference as to where they spend eternity.

Do not fear as my spirit will be upon you to guide you through the rough terrain ahead.
Do not look to the left nor right but keep your eyes steadfast upon me. My light will shine brightly upon you.

Soon we will be together rejoicing ! And I will gleam at the victory my faithful have been able to overcome through holding steadfast to me. And I will be able to truly say ” Well done my good and faithful servant!

Your Loving Father ::: Yeshua Hamashiach

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