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Lion of Judah Vision & Word – Trupti Desai

Lion of Judah Vision & Word

November 16, 2020 2:30 PM
Trupti Desai

Dear Sir,

I received both the vision and prophecy on Nov 6th. The vision was received at around 3 pm and the prophecy just before midnight.

Lion of Judah Vision

My mouth started to form into the mouth of a lion and then saw the lion’s mouth manifest into a male lion who was walking in the African bush.

The lion was purposefully following an American eagle who was flying fairly low in front of the lion.

The Lion started to get bigger and more majestic and was walking with purpose and could sense its power.

The scene changed and I saw the same Lion walking the hallways of the Whitehouse and looked even more majestic. The Lion’s hair was golden and shiny.

The next thing I saw was the Oval Office and President Trump was sitting behind his desk with the American Eagle on his right shoulder.

President Trump had a white light on his face and he looked very happy and was smiling. He was wearing a red tie and a white shirt and a navy blue suit. His hair was golden and shiny as well.

I then saw the Lion enter the Oval Office and he first looked at President Trump and then sat powerfully and majestically in front of President Trump’s desk on a circular carpet.

The vision spoke of power, purpose and majesty.

I have had visions before. However, this one was different in that I could sense the Lords Majesty and power permeating throughout the vision and it got stronger and stronger until the vision ended.

Praise our mighty Lord Adonai, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Later that evening I received the following prophecy:

A word from the Lord

Tell the people to stand in the face of evil. Tell them to persevere. I the Lord have come to prevail. To bring Justice upon the Land. It is MY Nation, not the devils. It is MINE!!!
All of it!!!

I am the mighty one, the Alpha and Omega. I have the final say. Do not fear, do not despair.

I have made my King to Preside over MY Land. He has been chosen from Before!!!

I choose. I decide. I have the FINAL SAY!!!

Tell the people to proclaim my name. To pray in great supplication for I will deliver my people from the hand of the enemy.

The Lion of Judah shall arise and take his rightful place in the mighty seat of power that only a true King deserves.

I have decreed that the world will see a miracle and they will know it is I AM who is in CONTROL. I HAVE THE FINAL SAY!!!


Trupti Desai



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