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Link: Wake Up Call PDF – Kenneth Copeland, Oral Roberts and Richard Roberts

On August 26, 2004, Kenneth Copeland, Oral Roberts and Richard Roberts met to discuss a very important vision God had given Oral Roberts concerning the future of the United States, the Jews, the Christians and the world.

The following is a transcript of that meeting, where the three talked about the vision and a prophetic word God gave Brother Copeland concerning that vision.

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  1. Liz

    Aren’t these charlatans?

  2. Liz

    You’re right. I saw Kenneth Copeland on video once and his eyes were evil. A post on this site says:

    “Kenneth Copeland, who is as wicked as they come, you can see it in his eyes. This is what I heard the Spirit say: He will be tormented forever and ever for he will not repent. He is high up in Satan’s kingdom and has received the Spirit of Leviathan who rules him.”

    The post is “He Will Slay with the Brightness of His Coming” from Janice Sharp (

    I would consider Oral Roberts and his son Richard Roberts to be charlatans too. There was not a single documented proof of Oral Roberts’ claimed healings. Someone who wrote a magazine article claiming to be healed of cancer died of the disease months later, and Oral Roberts were unable to heal his loved ones or himself. On top of that there were scandals of misappropriation of funds to support an extravagant lifestyle. Worst of all, Oral Roberts did not preach the true gospel, but started the false prosperity gospel.

    I briefly went through Oral Roberts’ prophecy and it reminds me of the false prophets at the time of Jeremiah. He said America will not be destroyed, and this is the opposite of what others are receiving.

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