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Dec 7, 2019 6:24 AM
Cryptic 1

I saw the name LINCOLN tonight 12.6.19 at 10:44 pm. It didn’t resonate, like a check in my spirit, but I did a quick double take when I first saw the name, thinking I had misread it, but I hadn’t.

For the record, I have never dealt with names on a prophetic level before. However, I know when a word or a number has significance, because I’ll usually get a knowing in my spirit. When I get that feeling, I know that God is revealing something to me. For me, being led to a particular name or number is a PORTENT or WARNING that something will happen to that person and whatever will occur will happen SOON. And even though the name LINCOLN didn’t register in my spirit, in my heart I knew what it meant. At that point, I felt led to pray for those poor souls on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

The day before I had a quick glimpse of the numbers 911. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that, lately I’ve been mostly seeing the numbers 111.

God in His just mercy has always warned His children in order to warn others or at least pray for them at the very least. May His warnings NOT go unheeded.

Portent – Something that foreshadows a coming event. A sign or warning that something, especially something momentous or calamitous, is likely to happen.


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  1. David Lockett

    May God have mercy and grace, we must stand in the gap!!!

  2. trumpet of the Lord

    On 12/4 ALL the numbers in my car stood on 1
    11111 (I’ve an old one 😉
    111 1
    We then going to someone who have lot of connection (for me) with Israel

    Please YHWH-Jireh have mercy, give them ALL another chance before dying or right in it. In Yeshuas name!

  3. Kenneth Heck

    The name “Lincoln” could also refer to the president being assassinated as president Lincoln was in 1865. Perhaps both the sinking of the USS Abraham Lincoln and an assassination occur within a short time of each other.

  4. Susan Elizabeth

    My grocery trip today was 111.11

    I was in prayer earlier for the crews I will continue to pray.

    Praying for a mighty move of the Spirit in the hearts of all those on the ship and dreams to come to show them what’s coming so those who have The Lord in their hearts can share the true gospel with others aboard. Also that The Lord will sovereignly move in all hearts reguardless to bring them to repentance before the event. Please agree with me in prayer that only those ready to meet The Lord will be taken.

  5. John Lepley

    These 11’s are piling up everywhere and you know what that means. Here we go it’s time to go over the falls. Hold onto our hands Jesus and save them who your mighty will see’s fit on the Abraham Lincoln in Jesus name Amen. Be merciful to us dear lord and guide us by your hand to the destiny you have in line for each of us who are willing to do your work. Amen and Amen.

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