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‘LIGHTS OUT’: PART 2 – My Hiding Place



February 1, 2022 1:52 AM

On Jan.8/2022, while in communion with the Lord, I received another piece to a previous ‘LIGHTS OUT’ word I released not long ago. I made notes in my log book as the Lord laid His impressions on my heart and as Jesus spoke. Here is a copy of what was given.

*Please take everything back to the Lord for confirmation.

The ‘LIGHTS OUT’ event will be horrific. It will come on sudden and people are not prepared for it. Every time there is darkness, demonic activity increases and this time, it will be no different. Then Jesus said, ‘Be alert; be on the watch and pray that you are not tempted to disobey my orders. Many will be too curious to look out and will perish. Opening the door/window is a way to invite or to authorize looming demons to enter your abode. You must stay under my blood. Only my blood has the power to keep you safe. Trust in me alone and stay in prayer during the ‘LIGHTS OUT’ event.’

Impression: when people see the ‘LIGHTS OUT’ suddenly occurring, they will panic and try to flee with their cars. Something inside them will alert them that there is something seriously wrong (that this is not a typical blackout). They will try to escape to get away for what they think is ‘danger’ and instead will run right into danger’s arms. Jesus said, ‘It is important that you heed the warnings now so you will know what to do. Do not go out under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE unless my Spirit lets you know that my blood has you covered. Unfortunately, many will not heed these warnings, even though you will have told them. There are many who think certain rules don’t apply to them. Be obedient to my voice and instructions.’

Jesus continued, ‘When people will lose their communications, they’ll go mad. That will cause their erratic behaviour. Your generation has been trained to stay attached to mobile gadgets. The more people lose control of their lives (or at least, feel like they are), the easier it will be to manipulate them. Satan seeks a generation that can easily be lured and be made to obey. He is sly and clever. By the time things calm down, after ‘LIGHTS OUT’, society will be greatly broken up and people will hate each other more and more. Fighting and rioting will continue. Satan will have a chance to do whatever he wants and he won’t pass at the opportunity. But I’m ultimately in charge as Satan can only do what I allow him to do. Make no mistake. He will be vicious in his dealings. You must not trust him, EVER! Remember he comes as an angel of light and will use wicked schemes including those close to you to persuade you, to entice you. Do not listen to him! You have been warned.’

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