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Lifting the Lid & The Hidden EYE

June 28, 2022 12:34 PM
Averine Pennington


Dream #1: “Lifting the Lid”

After reading the post by Anonymous today, entitled ‘They Have Been Released with Music’, a dream was brought to my remembrance that was given on June 5, 2022. I believe this to be a confirmation regarding CERN. I was awakened from a dream sometime after 3:00am hearing over and over again in my spirit the following words . . . “They have lifted something that should not have been lifted.” I was given the understanding this has something to do with the activities taking place at CERN. They have, I believe, been successful in ‘lifting the lid’ to something and the lid cannot be put back (perhaps the bottomless pit). Whatever has been unleashed upon the world will be horrific & unimaginably evil.

Dream #2: “The Hidden EYE”

On the same night, after finally going back to sleep, I was given another unusual dream. I have no idea if the dreams are in any way related. I was given a bird’s eye panoramic view of a landscape perhaps on the continent of Africa. It looked much like the broad plain of a savannah with a few scrubby trees near some rock outcroppings of a small hillside . . . picture in your mind’s eye a scene from ‘The Lion King.” Three giraffes were grazing among the trees, stretching their necks to reach the leaves on the trees. As I observed the giraffes, my vision was suddenly zoomed in on the hillside and I was shown something in the spirit that no one was ever meant to see. It was like the childhood activity of looking for pictures of things camouflaged within a bigger picture, and the challenge is to find what’s hidden. What I saw was a ‘HIDDEN EYE’. It was made of VERY THICK GLASS & looked like a LENS of some sort. My first thought was perhaps it was designed by someone so they could observe the wildlife activity of the savannah . . . maybe someone filming a documentary. That thought vanished as I was allowed to see behind the EYE/lens to what was actually in the hillside. It was FANTASTICAL! Like something from a Jules Verne novel! What I was looking at was some sort of observation post with ‘very old technology.’ Though it was many centuries old, it was probably very advanced technology at one time. Certainly not something you would think to find hidden where it was. What possible purpose could it serve in such a remote location? I saw no person or OTHER ENTITY, so whatever ‘data’ was being gathered was being done so remotely, if indeed it was even still operational.

My afterthought:
I have read prophetic words about the strong delusion when the ‘aliens’ make their appearance and claim to have seeded the earth. They will try to convince mankind that they, not God, are our creators. The proof they will offer will be ancient relics buried within the archaeological records of earth itself. These ‘finds’ will be conveniently uncovered when the time is right for Satan’s big deception to be implemented. Could it be possible that the ‘advanced technology’ which I observed hidden behind the EYE, perhaps for millenniums, will be one such relic to be unearthed. Just something to ponder?

Yours for the Harvest,

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