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Life is Full of Tests

SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 10:16 AM


Life is full of tests. Tests if you will help your fellow man, help someone out of a bind, buy someone a meal who is hungry, life is a test of if you care for others.

Many center their activities around themselves and if they are happy, others are way down the list of priorities. When an opportunity to help your fellow man presents itself, most will turn their heads the other way, pretend they do not see, and some even look at the situation with disgust. Where is your humanity? Are you so hardened to other people’s problems; you can totally ignore the situation?
Tests come in many flavors and shapes. One’s character might be tested with honesty and integrity with a situation of receiving too much change for a purchase you made. Will you return that extra $20.00 that was handed to you? Will you even care that the cashier might lose her job due to the discrepancy? Does it even come to your mind how it will affect the cashier or the store owner? Do you even care?

Then there are the tests that involve your time. You friend calls stranded 100 miles away, but you have a party you have wanted to go to. It is either your friend or the party, who will win out? Now let’s make it a relative you don’t care for, what is your decision now?

Tests, tests, tests. All tests are monitored and tabulated. All tests are designed to see what is important to you and what is not. Next time you have a choice think about it before acting. Life is one big test!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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