LIFE AND DEATH TESTIMONY! – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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November 19, 2022 9:28 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

I have a mixture of anger, sadness, but great thankfulness as I write this. My beautiful niece went to Atlanta this past weekend to attend a soccer championship game that some of her friends from her Christian college were playing in. Her friends are all males so she took a female friend with her. The boys were being put up in a posh hotel, so the girls booked a much less expensive one for themselves. When they arrived at the hotel, my 19 year old niece noticed a few men standing around in the parking lot near a large black SUV. At the front desk, the male clerk told them that their room had been moved to the first floor near the exit and closest to the parking lot. My niece watched TV until 1am and then went to bed, but was awakened at 5:00 in the morning when someone used a hotel-issued keycard to open her hotel room door. Thank GOD (and I mean thank GOD alone) she and her friend had latched the inside door chain. The man who was trying to get into their room began kicking the door like mad to break the chain and get to the girls. They were so scared that they didn’t know what to do for a while, but then thought to dial the police. The man or men at the door kept trying to kick the door in while yelling and screaming while the girls hid in the bathroom. When the men heard the police siren they quickly left. My precious niece came so close to being kidnapped and sex-trafficked!! It was only the GRACE of GOD and HIS PROTECTION that held that little chain! A full-size grown man can easily kick in a little chain if he really wants to get a door. I only found out this terrible thing an hour or so ago. I’m so angry it happened! I’m so incredibly sad at what could have happened to her and what she would have experienced if the men succeeded in their wicked plans! A person would have to have ZERO empathy and ZERO compassion to be involved in such a cruel plan to sell young women or children to a life of pain and horror like that, and for what? Money?? Now I am crying! BUT GOD!!! My precious and gorgeous niece is a Believer, she loves the LIRD JESUS. I’m trying not to cry here because I’m work. Ah, man! I can’t help it, the tears are flowing!! Our GOD is so good, He’s so kind!! He is all powerful and either He Himself held the little chain in place or either He had an angel do it. My darling niece and her friend are alive today because the GOD we serve IS GOD and our GOD is WELL ABLE to protect His own!! I praise Him and thank Him with all I am for this! Please join me and also pray His protection over all. Thank you and I love you all so much!”


Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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