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Lies for Explainations – Moriah

Lies for Explainations

Sep 19, 2019, 9:37 AM

Peace and blessings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

In a dream I had last night, I was hovering somewhere above the Earth and seeing a darkness cast over the Earth, it was spreading suddenly, the darkness was immense and deep. I couldn’t tell if it was from an object in the sky or if it was rising from the ground. I could see that half of the globe was in darkness and the other half was in light, suspended that way. In the next scene in my dream, I’m tuning into the television to see the news where there were meteorologists with dire looks on their faces explaining in meteorological terms how/why this event is unfolding. It was easy to discern that the meteorologist were horrorified and were being forced to report false information on its source. There were no channels available that gave a different opinion or explanation. Yet, everyone knew that this was not the true source of the darkness, including the meteorologists….

Friends in Christ, I struggle speaking the truth of “Christ and Him crucified” with unbelieving people. The enemy has attempted to steal my voice and my credibility. Please join me in praying for my testimony to become clear and accepted as I keep trying to witness how good our God is; that He is indeed coming in judgment against the world for rejecting Him and the true Tree of Life, His precious son, Jesus Christ, the living Torah, whose perfect gift is free to all, even the most wretched among us.

Praise Jesus! He loves us.

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