Library on the Top of the Hill and Dark Mist on the ground – Merab Olfert

Library on the Top of the Hill and Dark Mist on the ground

Sep 14, 2019 1:04:21 AM
Merab Olfert
Here is another dream that I would like to share with you today.
Sister in Yashua,
May 14, 2019 (6:58 am)

In my dream I was in a huge library.

This library was like a big building on a very high hill.
This library had many rooms.
In the room where I was sitting, I saw there were some other people here and there who were sitting and studying. I noticed there was one elderly looking Caucasian man sitting just a few chairs away from me.
I got up from my chair and walked towards the other room in the library.
As I came to the door of this room I noticed there were big arched type windows in its walls from where you could see into the 3rd room in the library. It looked like some sort of a large underground room which was visible from the windows of this 2nd room.
This 3rd underground room looked like a model of some part of “hell”. It looked and felt “hellish”. I saw places and areas in that room designed to torture a human and to cut them into pieces. A saw fire in one particular area with flames rising very high. It was horrible. There was no mistake in understanding the purpose of this place.
I was shocked to see this room and told myself – “surely it is prepared as a model for people to see and understand what is coming soon.”
For some it will be while on this earth and for others – after their journey on this earth this is what awaits them.
Well, in shock of seeing this place, I quickly turn around to go warn others about it and to tell them to come take a look at it.
As I opened my mouth to warn others, a violent earthquake hit the place. The lights went out and I quickly reached the hand of this elderly man in hopes that he can help me out of this place to go out. I understood that this man was a God-fearing christian person so I could trust him.
He lead me out of the building and I let go of his hand when I stepped out of the building. I never saw him again.
I now met my Mom and two younger sisters. I asked them if they were okay and they said yes they were fine. I looked around to gauge the situation and suddenly noticed that it was dark outside and the sky was rapidly changing colors. It seemed as if the beautiful Northern Lights were suddenly spreading in the skies all over the place. While other people stood there watching the Northern Lights in amazement and going – WOW!!! – My Heart Was Troubled. I quickly realized and said – “Oh! It’s time! It’s time! This is not good. It’s time to go home and shut the doors and the windows.” Saying so I sent my Mom and sisters away. I told them, “Go home and shut your doors and windows. Cover them. Do not open them up for anyone. God willing I will make it home safely as well.”
For some reason I had a strange feeling that I may not see my family again, atleast not that day but I didn’t want to say so to them. Also, I remember that I was somewhat sure that I will very likely see them after a certain time. I do not know what that certain time was or is.
I then said to my Mom – “I am putting you in Yeshua’s mighty hands and He will lead you home safely and keep you safe there. I also trust my own life in Yeshua’s hands.”
I realized I had to go back to the library urgently. I don’t know why but it couldn’t be put off. That’s why I couldn’t leave together with my Mom and my sisters.
I saw my mother and sisters climb down the hill and go away. I looked around from the same high spot on the hill and saw at a distance (almost like in the floor of the valley) a strange dark mist /cloud was rising out from the earth and quickly spreading into the atmosphere. This dark mist / cloud had a personality and it was living. It was so thick and black that night looked like light compared to it. It was spreading into the atmosphere very quickly and seemed as if it would blanket the whole world in a matter of few minutes. This black cloud was creepy and I saw it spread all over the place. This is when I was woken up against my choice because I still wanted to sleep.
My eyes opened from my dream for a quick moment and I saw the time on the digital clock sitting right in front of me. It was 6:58 AM.
Later in the day I looked up 658 in the concordance.
Strong’s Greek Concordance shows 658 as follows:
658. apoteleó 
Strong’s Concordance
apoteleó: to bring to an end, complete

Original Word: ἀποτελέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: apoteleó
Phonetic Spelling: (ap-ot-el-eh’-o)
Definition: to bring to an end, complete
Usage: I complete, accomplish, form fully, perfect, bring to maturity.

In the Hebrew Concordance #0658 refers to the following :
  #0658 אֶפֶס דַמִּים 'Ephec Dammiym {eh'-fes dam-meem'}

 from H0657 and the plural of H1818; TWOT - n/a; n pr loc

—Hebrew Word Study (Transliteration-Pronunciation Etymology & Grammar)

 Ephes Dammim = "edge of blood"
 1) a place approx 16 miles (25 km) southwest of Jerusalem

—Brown-Driver-Briggs (Old Testament Hebrew-English Lexicon)

From H0657 and the plural of H1818boundary of blood drops; Ephes-Dammim, a place in Palestine:—Ephes-dammim.

—Strong’s (Hebrew & Chaldee Dictionary of the Old Testament)

 AV - Ephesdammim 1; 1
1 Samuel 17:1.




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