Leviathan – Jeff Andrew

Destruction of Leviathan
1865 engraving by Gustave Doré.


September 15, 2021 4:59 PM
Jeff Andrews

Around the 1st September I had prayed prior to going to bed. As per normal it was quite late in the evening – 1130pm or thereabouts. Immediately I got to sleep I was confronted by a rather bizarre vision. I was in the water and a huge reptile swam past – I could clearly see it’s large eye on its left hand side of its head as it passed me. The vision then expanded to one of different scenes of crocodile/alligators swimming and feeding – curiously it was like watching a nature documentary. The visions ceased just briefly then returned, I was in the water again and another larger creature passed by. It turned out to be a shark and I was then subject to a similar series of visions about different sharks for the next few minutes. I woke up in the morning remembering the detail but thinking nothing further of it. I wondered if it might have been a prelude to some sort of demonic attack – however God gives me very clear visions when demons are preparing to attack and this didn’t seem to fit the pattern of his warnings. I did wonder it might be connected in anyway to some of the old Testament messages linked to Leviathan, needless to say I put it to God the next morning during pray and to be honest – thought nothing more of it.

Last evening 15 September 2021, before going to bed, I prayed to God specifically for vision/dream of what to expect in future events. Almost immediately I fell asleep I was again confronted by different visions of sharks, this time in aggressive frenzied attacking form. I have to say I was jolted awake but when I got back to sleep the visions continued. I estimate this went on for several minutes and only ceased with a vision of me underwater watching the last shark swim away. Over the course of both nights I was uncomfortable witnessing these visions but I was neither worried or concerned for my own safety – and was kept from being injured by these creatures. What followed last evening after the shark visions however was even more perplexing. Once the visions of the sharks had ceased I was taken up into the edge of space looking down on earth. the first vision was the continental USA centred on the west coast. This lasted a matter of minutes before I was taken to show a stretch of the Middle East centred on Israel/Sinai Peninsular as far south as Yemen and north to Turkey. The third vision was of a landmass I couldn’t recognise. Initially I thought it to be Europe centred on France but I can’t be certain. In each of these visions of the land masses there was no particular activity to speak of – previous witnesses to these dreams/visions speak of tsunami’s, missile strikes etc – but there was nothing like that in this instance.

I wondered if this series of visions was linked to the Old Testament – a quick search of google suggested that crocodiles were linked to the Pharaohs of Egypt which of course stood against God and were subsequently destroyed. I also wondered if they were a prelude to events in Ezekiel – Ezekiel 32 speaks of sea monsters…. I can’t add to much more value but strongly suggest that you take it to God in prayer.

God bless


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