Letters to Leaders; Canada – Liz Lau

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Letters to Leaders; Canada

March 2, 2023 1:24 PM
Liz Lau


This dream is made up of two seemingly unrelated parts. In the first part, I saw letters to leaders of nations as they were being edited. Most were to nations that I’ve never heard of. I only recognize the last one, Japan. I didn’t read the letter contents. The focus was on the way leaders were addressed. Their titles had to be included in a formal way. Indentation had to be done in a certain way too. All the letters were in English.

Then I was shown a photo of a political figure who claimed to have righteous aspirations. He was engaged in homosexual group sex. I didn’t want to look, then I was shown another photo. This time it was in faded colours, almost black and white. This picture showed two men, one forcing himself on another in homosexual sex. The other person was obviously forced or coerced into it, because he looked distressed. The dominate person was either Chinese, Japanese, or from south-east Asia with the same type of facial features. He was middle-aged or late middle-aged, and was expressionless.

After this I saw a letter to the leader of Japan. I thought it would be about addressing him properly again, but suddenly it disappeared and a map of Canada was shown instead. The word CANADA was shown in the upper part. Below it were boundary lines of the provinces. The word CANADA was in black block letters on a white background that somehow reminds me of traditional Chinese funerals.

Then the word was replaced with 2 lines of Chinese text:

• 3 年 (meaning 3 years)
• 荒 (this word has multiple meanings, including shortage, famine, abandonment, wilderness, ridiculousness, uncontrolled indulgence)

I’ve never seen the word 荒 used by itself. It’s always combined with other words to give context, so I think not giving the context implies multiple meanings apply. And since the text is in Chinese, China may have something to do with this.

Then I looked down and saw 2 numbers. They were not on the map, but were shown in a separate box at the bottom:

First number: 3.15
Second number: I think it was 3, but not sure

I had absolutely no idea what they would mean, but when I mentioned this to my husband, he said right away that 3.15 meant March 15.

I don’t know what the letters to leaders were for. The letters were obviously from the same party. It could be an invitation or an effort to bring them into agreement over something.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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