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Let them KNOW – Karen Newberry


Let them KNOW

January 13, 2023 :37 PM
Karen Newberry

I have received 2 different words from the Lord and with heaviness I will send them forth as the Lord has asked me to do. I first want to say I messed up and doubted the Lord’s word he had given me. Because he had spoke of the tribulation period and that it had begun. I doubted in myself and the Lord as well thinking I heard wrong. Because I have always believed that the tribulation would not occur until after the “rapture or catching away” so when I had heard this I doubted. I didn’t release the word period because of my doubt. Today I was corrected by the Lord on this matter. And as I felt his spirit come over me through my tears he had asked me to cover my head and come sit with him awhile. So I obeyed. I learned that I was taught wrong. So please take this to the Lord Jesus and ask him to show you truth and understanding.

The first message I received on 1/8/23

My people..my people I weep
They are not listening
They think they have it all figured out. Daughter, I see it all
The pain in the eyes of the unbelief, of the starved, of the lost if only they would have listened to my messenger..to my prophets, listened to ME child
All of this must be done
If you are truly of me you will lay your life before me
Do you realize the time you’re in?
Many think the tribulation has not began but I tell you it has
You mock me, you scoff me, you hate me, yet I still want you, to love you and hold you to show you what a everlasting love is
Through my pain of lifting thee hand across this world I will do what needs to be done
I’m a just GOD
I play no sides, your for me or against me
Fence sitters will soon know their fence was not on good foundation I will rock them too and fro and wake them up to what’s in front of them
The time is near for my return
Look for me, for I have your reward with me
Daughter, it is imminent
Upon my FATHERS COMMAND I will come
Reach those that are lost, help thy neighbor for there comes a time it will be to late

This is the second word received 1/13/23

Daughter I’ve told you this
Why do ye doubt me?
Let them KNOW..let them KNOW that the tribulation has already begun
Let them KNOW my hand of judgement has already been settled in heaven’s courts
Let them KNOW that nothing can be done to stop it now
A EARTHQUAKE..A EARTHQUAKE will split the land
And no one will know it
Because they are carrying on with their daily lives
They are not seeking me for truth
They won’t know what is coming
Daughter, I have told you that the tribulation has begun many think in my word that it comes after “my harpazo” after “my gathering” but I tell you..I tell you it’s already begun my people
Get right with ME
because after these storms pass California you will see..you will see what is about to become of America
You split MY HOLY LAND

Please take this to the Lord Jesus. I am only being obedient to the Lord thank you and God bless


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