Let the whole earth rejoice for now my kingdom comes – Patti Young

Let the whole earth rejoice for
now my kingdom comes

June 3, 2020
Patti Young

The army of God sits in the camps of David, flames come from their swords. Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord, they shall slay their thousands. I come to recompense those, the ones who are faithful to me. Their desire above all things, is to do my will, the will of my Father. Their hearts are turned towards me, there are no other idols
in their hearts. I have stripped these of all the things of the natural, they know of the spiritual of my kingdom, my will, and my coming, it is the longing of their hearts.

To the faithful, I will remain faithful forevermore. My word shall stand, no man can contend with my ways.
Travail, the earth is in travail waiting for the birth, the coming forth of my Manchild, mine own. Their desire is for my heart. My father has planted the seeds and these now are going to come forth. In the flames of affliction, fiery trials and testings, these have come forth as gold as did Shadrach Meshach and Abednego from days ago. These, mine own, my fully matured Sons, will not bow down to any other idols, nor serve gods of stone and clay and dirt. Praise me, praise me all ye heavens, for I will comme
forth in triumph and victory. I am the shield and
the protector of those who follow me, mine anointed ones. Let the whole earth rejoice for
now my kingdom comes.

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  1. Yves Malenfant


  2. Sebastian

    That word is amazing again, like so many other words I’v heard in history which said the very same thing, just in other words. I’m so frustrated and desperate and disappointed of God. Always he says what’s NOW and then the opposite happens. I’m so extreme suffering, there is no hope, only severe persecution and torture. I can’t stand that any more. I’m just crying out in great pain. Everybody hates me and is against me. I’m very very sick and disabled from torture and persecution. They utterly destroyed my health and broke my heart into many thousand pieses and hurt my soul with their swords again and again. I can not explain how worse and severe my situation is. I’m totally controlled and persecuted by the government. They took my freedom and tortured and tormented me, my family and my government are after my life. I’m completely exausted and broken in all areas, my friends turned to my enemies because of Christ in me. I can’t go on. I’m trapped, I don’t even have a chance to recover at least so much that I can live. I’m jsut whizing away. I’m dying of lonelines. I have nothing, the enemy stripped everything from me, my home, my belongings, my money, my freedom, my health, my security, my friends. Persecution is so so so severe, there is no way out. I can’t flee this satanic country, I can’t use my bankacount and rent a home. Where is God? Sometimes I even get mad at him, because he is a liar. Nothing what he promised me came true. Nothing what he is saying what’s NOW comes to pass. I just don’t know what to do. My faith is dying. The God I sacrificed my whole life to, who caused all the pain and misery in my life ignores me and never comes to help me and to rescue. God burdend me much more than I can stand and lies forever and ever. 2000 years ago he told his deciples he would come quicklyand not everybody who alive at this time would die, so they waitd for him. In vain. He didn’t come, but severe persecution and torture to death came. How do I know it’s not the same today? He said so many times he would come and what will happen NOW, but only persecution, torture and torment came. I can barely believe any longer. My faith is fainting away. My hope that Jesus would ever come to rescue me is almost dead. I don’t understand God. So many people try to kill me, hunted me down and tortured me so heavy. My strenght is gone, my will to live is gone. Why must I live and wait for a God who handed me in the devils hand and left me and forgot about me and is still telling the same things which are just not true? I can’t believe in God’s goodness any more. Can anybody help me? Does anybody feel the same way? Can anybody say me something? I’m just so desperate. I’m weary of waiting and the suffering is soooooo great. Every minute in this satanic world is such torment. Where is God’s kingdom? Where is recompense? Where is Jesus in triumph and victory? Maybe in 10.000 years people are still waiting and hearing words that Jesus is coming NOW and recompense comes NOW, ect. How do we know? God knows exactly what we understand under NOW and yet he uses that word which doesn’t come true and makes his most faithful servants lose faith.

  3. Christine


    I totally feel with you. I don’t understand anything anymore, too. I can’t give you an answer or an advice. I was following Jesus wherever he goes, I was absolutely obedient, did my very best to please God at a very high cost. It cost me everything! My health, my reputation, my job, my friends, family, freedom, integrity, my money, my home, my belongings, my will to live and even my joy. I was conviced that Jesus would have come much earlier to rescue me, that was the only reason that I was able to endure all that. I’m extremly persecuted and was tortured and tormented heavily. I’m very sick and disabled from torture and persecution. It never stops. It reached a point where I can’t endure any longer. I’m thinking about suicide again. I trusted Jesus in everything all the time and believed him that he would come to rescue me. He just disappointed me again and again. Now I think he is a liar. I have the feeling my faith is gone and Jesus aint coming. I’m so at the end of myself, I can’t go on, the hate and the persecution I must endure is unbearable. God put more burden on me than I can endure. That caused that I can’t believe any more. I’m so desperate. I came to a point where I can’t believe Jesus’ lies any more that he is coming and recompensing and vindicating NOW. NOW is the greatest misery and pain ever for christians and that didn’t start just yesterday. It’s going on for years and years and years. Jesus says he is a man who couldn’t or wouldn’t lie. But what do you call that when somebody tells you something which is NOW and he would do NOW and quickly and after days, months, years, decades, millenia he still didn’t fulfil his promises? Who would not consider someone like that as a liar? One time sooner or later everybody gives up hope to believe that this person would ever do what he says.
    I should tell you don’t give up, hold on to your faith, God is faithful and true, he will come for you, etc. But I can’t. I just lost all hope that Jeus would ever rescue me. I think I failed and am not good enough for God. I’m wondering if all the suffering was in vain. I can’t believe in God’s goodness since I never experienced it and he burdened me so much that my very best I could do is not enough for him and caused me to fall. I just don’t know what to tell you. Try to keep the faith and hold on if you can. I pray for you.
    God bless you very much

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