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Extrapolation of “Let the Reader Understand” – KarenO

Extrapolation of “Let the Reader Understand”

May 9, 2020 9:12 AM

Not prophecy, but the use of extrapolation from what we know about our scientific and commercial world as it is now. 1) Beginning with, “let the reader understand” from Matthew 24:15 –

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand) (KJV)

& Daniel 9:27

And he will confirm a covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of the temple will come the abomination that causes desolation, until the decreed destruction is poured out upon him.”

(BSB – used this translation since translation of one of the words, “wing,” is referred to in the Greek – not all translations understand enough to use this translation, some leaving it out.)

2) & pull our own understanding –

1 Corinthians 6:19 – What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? (KJV)

AI chips of the future will use the body’s own defense systems to create a response to invaders & communicate easily: One has already been developed to gauge heart health – & is now being advertised as available.

3) We can extrapolate the possibilities that this will lead to the “mark” inserted in a hand or forehead:

First, governments are interested in keeping Commerce & demands for goods & services on even keel. This current pandemic is creating a lot of angst among those who make their living from Commerce & free exchange of goods & services.

And second, current shortages have effectively shut down those smaller businesses (including farming) who need the income in order to create a delivery to the consumer tomorrow. Hence, small businesses are still in a vise, since they must create several avenues of safety in order to participate in a pandemic economy.

The demand of vendors & customers for a “normal” economy will require governments to adapt to more than creating a safe environment. They’ll also need “automatic” testing & reporting to avoid placing an undue burden on vendors, especially the worlds small vendors.

How do they deal with this?
The AI chips provide an answer:
They will be able to communicate, first of all, the identity & health of the consumer. A door will lock to prevent entry for consumers using credit cards/cash versus the “mark.”

We can assume that computers for online commerce to people “shut in” will also eventually lock, as the AI chip will be needed as a “password.”
(In Revelation 13:16. the Greek translation of the preposition according to the published copy of Strongs, Greek NT 1909, “in” or “on” can both be correct; hence the varying Bible translations.)

Let the Reader Understand

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  1. Eyes Open

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Knowledge is power.

  2. Russell Biggs

    Not to completely agree or disagree with the ‘assumption’ given above… but here’s some ‘food for thought’:
    (excerpt from a message I’ve sent to a Pastor, who drives the ‘money’/QFS/RFID/AI chip narrative. NOT that he is wrong, I think QFS and such is only apart of it. But what about bartering? )

    I’ve been lead to believe that the Mark is all about Money because of Revelation 13:17. Being a ‘techie’, I don’t see the world revolving around ‘money’ per se; I see money being a medium to a desired result. To me, information is just as valuable as money, sometimes more valuable sometimes a little less. Example: knowledge of a Living God is well worth more that all the money. Knowing details about THE (or any) adversary is more valuable than money. So what do people wish to achieve from gaining information or obtaining wealth? SURVIVAL
    Therefore, if survival is the true driving force, and people have all kinds of ideas of what surviving truly means; health is the absolute foundation to that idea.

    Revelation 13:16 and not 13:17 is what sticks in my mind the most; how does ‘money’ cause 3:16 to be so much of a ‘force’? Free and bond, great and small, rich and poor … ?

    Could the Mark of the Beast be associated with health probably pushed as a ‘cure’, be it vaccine or something else that is given to a worshipper? Sadly, I can envision my own granddaughter taking a Mark if it meant getting a cure for my wife or myself, she is just THAT tender hearted. How many other people would fall into this same trap because of love for someone in this world, discarding faith in Jesus Christ? (Mat 10:37… I’ve always had a problem with that verse until now)

    So, does it have to be ‘money’? In a ravaged society, bartering would be normal:
    Rev 13:17 ‘buy’ (g59: agorazo : Go to market) ; ‘sell’ (g4453: poleo : barter)
    What would keep someone from going to a gathering of persons to barter something? How about a Quarantine! But instead of keeping someone in, the quarantine is exclusionary in both directions: you don’t get in or you may be kept confined or hunted down if not already confined! To me… this makes so much more sense to the approaching end game tactics more so than just a financial transaction.
    Rev 13:17 ‘mark’ (g5480: charagma : scratch, etching) How exactly the mark would appear, I don’t know, but I’ve still got a mark from 50+ years ago from a vaccine I got as a child, believe me.. not my choice.
    Rev 13:17 ‘name’ (g3686: onoma : authority) … would this be those given a title of authority to a) give the mark and/or b) behead you for refusing? May be something else e.g. ‘Czar of Cooperation’.
    Rev 13:17-18 ‘number of his name e.g. 666’: this one always confuses me as why the verse mentions the ‘mark’ OR the ‘name’ OR the ‘number’ IF the number is literally ‘666’ stamped on the person. Could the ‘mark’ and the ‘number’ be different? ‘Six Hundred threescore and six’ (Khee xee Stigma ; does denote 600, 60, 6 respectively as per Strong Concord.) Strong’s (the version I’m reading) gives an interesting reference to an ‘obsolete’ letter ‘stigma’ (G4742: mark of ownership). Thus making me wonder: Could the ‘mark’ not be the literal ‘666’ but something else i.e. vaccine mark, Greek numerical letters, etc, whereas the ‘number of his name’ is actually a punctural mark of ownership (Deu 15:17)?

    Does Psalms 130 give the reader a reverse logic to the Mark of the Beast? “Psa 130:3 If thou, LORD, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand?”
    Jesus’ blood covers our iniquities, SO the LORD doesn’t give us the MotB, this is taken by each person’s own choice, i.e. we mark ourselves!

  3. KarenO

    Russell Biggs, your thought process is just as mine was, absolutely.
    Many people will take the chip for health reasons. You mention a question as to whether the demand for it worldwide would necessarily be for “money” & yes, it’s hard to understand the commerce issue of the mark when so many people are likely to easily see this life as “all there is” instead of transient to other forms (which is what Paul describes as “in a twinkling of an eye we’ll all be transformed.” 1 Corinthians 15:51-52)
    It’s also why Jesus taught that we should throw away parts of our body that cause us to sin (Matthew 5:30) or that we should not worry for tomorrow, since God cares for us all (Matthew 6:34)
    ***I find the idea of cutting off a hand that contains a “sin” especially apt when it comes to the possibility we would have an idol within!

    The second law of thermodynamics states, “In a closed system, energy doesn’t dissipate, it simply changes form.”
    No one has been able to prove that there are any other universes outside of our own – they have found proof of parallel universes within, it’s no longer theory! In fact, all scientists will refer to “from nothing, a big bang occurred.”
    So, while the universe we have is amazingly diverse
    amazingly unknowable without a willingness to trust Our Lord, it is still a “closed system.”
    Will some take it out of fear that those they love will be lost to them? Yes, & if Satan is aware of that he will use that argument with them.

  4. KarenO

    I didn’t finish my previous comment, Russell. Thank you for your excellent thought.

    Obviously the number will have something to do with recognizing that is what we are dealing with. The first commerce “marks” that came out (UPC symbols) WERE identifiably 6’s – 3 in fact.

    While people pooh-poohed the whole thing, looking back, I think it distinctly let believers know that COMPUTER commerce would be somehow connected to the final days, even though I can’t see us “wearing” the UPC mark. It became ubiquitous for the same reason I can see this being a harbinger for that worldwide agreement… & future leader who will force it. It was extremely convenient. It prevented costly errors.
    This one will shut out criminal enterprises, as computers will reveal who is doing what, excepting those who refuse to let computers rule their lives. It will let those who desire power to stay in power, without any regrets (& think how easily those in power could control or give freedom to – by computer – those who desire to create problems).

    The idea, though, that those who have the chip implanted would recognize that they aren’t communicating with someone who doesn’t COULD make for an uncomfortable and public shaming of those who attempt to enter a shop “unverified.”

    Yes, I think people can still refuse to use it. The extent of the realization for me was that we would be totally shut out of such things. Yes, barter if necessary…I rather think that if WE go that far together, we would find each other & freely share with each other the Lord’s knowledge & gifts, without the need for barter, just as the early church did.

    I do think that we will be taken up before the worldwide mark is mandated as the events of the sixth seal & the promises/predictions of Jesus seem to match pretty closely!

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