Let My Spokesmen Speak – Mike M.

Let My Spokesmen Speak

June 24, 2019
Mike M.

I will bring all of it crashing down. Your internet platforms. All who have risen up against my spokesmen as referee and have become a stumbling block. All who cause my gospel not to be heard. For those who impede and mock my servants I have chosen, beware for I will not always strive with man. For surely persecution is a thing, but woe to him by whom it comes without repentance. And a double portion for members of the household of faith who would rise up to destroy one another. I am not pleased in this and I will come swiftly and chasten you in this. And one to another you should correct and guide one another, for better is open rebuke than hidden love. In patience and kindness can this correcting and restoring be done.

For those prophesying from their own souls I am working in you to truly have you know me. For your eager hearts are a pleasure to behold. But it is only wise to go when you are sent. Then I am sure to approve. And it is approval that many of you seek. And I am eager in exchange to walk with you in this. If I can bridle you and train you, you will carry my words. But hinder not my ones who must speak by commission from me. Quench not the spirit lest he be angry and your correction more severe. For when you do so, you stifle me and I will in time lose patience. For many eternal lives are on the line. I will not have you stop my voice or tell me when to speak.

Love one another. You seek the same end. For all are equal to me. I will provide for all. I see all. Whether your audience is one or 101, I honor my messengers and provide for my own. Go and do likewise. Show me that you believe by your actions. Celebrate your prophetic giftings with unity and edifying one another. Humble yourselves one to another. Learn from one another. As a tribe, go ye into the world in this hour as John the Baptist went, preparing a way for the Lord. Work together and not separate. Speak openly and honestly in all sincerity. Know that I have not come into the world to condemn the world but that through me the world have new life. In the same way, repent and do your first works over. Come unto me. Cleave unto me. I will in no wise cast you out. I will in no wise condemn you for your error when you come with a contrite and repentant heart, and when your actions show that you treat your brother as you would me. For we are all one, not separate. And even so, you do it even unto yourself.

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  1. PrayerRequest

    This is a prayer request for god to grant me discernment between truth and deception, good intentions Vs: evil motives.
    Above all help me better distinguish what is from our Lord Jesus and what is not.
    I rebuke all spirits of confusion and discord within our lives!.
    I pray that you will no longer allow lies to continue to be veiled from my eyes, ears and mind. You are a god of justice and truth and nothing will remain hidden from you. Please allow me to know the truth without interference from the enemy to distort or cover up any deceptions. Shed a spotlight on any disguised agendas.remove all confusion from our hearts and minds
    Allow me to share in your wisdom to know when to speak and when to be silent.
    Help me become better at resolving conflict as well as gain insight into my families backgrounds.
    Please cover us under your protection, and keep us in the truth always.
    Remove the evil that has hold of our family.
    I plead jesus’s blood over our four children to draw closer in their daily walk with God.
    I also ask for all of us to have protection from emotional and physical abuse.
    Please teach me to love my family right, and carry on and give me endurance to fight till the end.
    God search my husband’s heart and convict our spirits within us all for correction.
    Direct our steps to walk closer to what is upright and not corrupt. Take away our distractions so we may come face to face with ourselves to heal whatever lies deeply rooted within.
    God please bring us closer to you as a family.
    Jesus hear our plea to bind all evil intrusions from outside or inside forces.
    Remove unclean spirits from within us and surround our home with a hedge of protection from intruders and infiltrating spirits. Also allow us to hear your voice louder than ever for direction in which we should walk with one another. Please send us a peaceful mind, restful spirit and reconcile our hearts. Praise you Lord for having lead me to our fellow remnant sister in christ. Thank you god for answering my prayers in finding this group. Please continue to use and lead me where you need me to be. Guide me towards a remnant in my area please and thank you
    In Jesus name we pray Amen

  2. melinda

    Thank you thank you thank you…Yeshua for this beautiful message…and thank you brother for sharing it

  3. Beth

    Amen agreeing with you Brother.

    Please pray the same for discernment, protection spiritually and in the natural, complete deliverance and sanctification, and clarity of hearing the true Holy Spirit for me as well.

  4. M Stewart

    Amen!!! Thank you for sharing this timely, true and beautiful message. ❤

  5. Keith

    “For we are all one, not separate. And even so, you do it even unto yourself.”

    Yes, indeed!

    Let us be one with each other, with Jesus, and with The One. Amen!

    Thank you for this word. It resonated with my spirit!

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