Let me people go: A second exodus and incoming judgements across the globe – Olasubomi Williams

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Let me people go: A second exodus and incoming judgements across the globe

December 5, 2023 2:53 PM

Exodus 9, Leviticus 23, Revelations 19:20, John 16:13-15, proverbs 6:6

The words of Jesus Christ

Children, when you see the coming of the son of man, know that your salvation draws nigh. My people perish for lack of knowledge and for lack of wisdom. They like to argue with my true elect, always trying to disprove them, mock them, criticize them, scorn them, persecute them because they do not conform to this world’s standards. Many of them are celebrating this demonic Christmas holiday and saying it is the remembrance of my birth. Listen children, I was not born on that evil day. No, no one knows when I was born except my elect. But if I were to tell you, many would not believe. Many of my children celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving as well as Easter. Holidays that I did not hallow or ordained as my own. Children, read the book of Leviticus and see my feasts, my own hallowed holiday that I have given to my children. The world does not celebrate me or love me. It loves itself more than me. Idolatry is rife in the air. Stirring the airwaves. Madness is running rampant in these times, slowly but surely and like a thief in the night, all of a sudden, sudden destruction takes place.
It is not hard to see my son that even those in your household do not fully abide by my laws. They do not want to fully consecrate and hear the words of my prophets. My prophet that I have given to them, they cast out, shun and dismiss. Soon, they will chew their own tounge and regret every words and statement they have ever said.
I sometimes use prophecies to test my people. Especially those who are not ready to hear my words. My son, do not be too familiar to hear my voice. Else, you will miss it when I even send a mad man to speak to you. My words can come in a manner you do not expect. However, rather than my people to be convicted and ask me to minister to them, they yield to their flesh, who deceive them and tells them lies. They rebuke my prophecies, damning themselves unto damnation. If you were one of these in the past, it is time to repent and ask me for forgiveness. Else, I will use it to judge you in the endtimes and judged you will be.
I say this to my children, your salvation is near. To the evil ones, the kings of this world who are men, let me people go, and I will have some form of mercy on you. If you do not let my people go, but you hunt them down, kill and torture them, you will be severely punished.
My son, there was a time when I allowed a certain man to roam the airwaves during the COVID-19 pandemic. This man was speaking smooth speech and flatteries to the masses, most especially the youths. He persuaded some of them not to look unto me, but to the god of this world satan and his religious dogma and lifestyle. This man has now fall from the heavenly places and I have brought him low enough for me to minister to him. He is a proud, arrogant, narcissistic and hedonistic man who likes to lie as long as he profits off the margin. Yes, I am speaking about Andrew Tate. He does sometimes speak truth, however he is just a man who was used as a test dummy by the powers that be to see the reactions and behaviour of people, especially young people until the time of the beast. This man better repents, or he will end up with his face on the barrel of a gun, killed by the powers that be.
Children, let him who have ears hear my words. My words are all encompassing. They are truth and life. They are there to teach you all truth, no lies, no deceit, only truth. Love me, even unto death. For if you love me more than anything, then my spirit is in you and my words are evident in you.
Kings and queens of the world. Listen to me now. I say it again, let my people go. You call my people ants. Go to the ants and consider their ways. They work in unison for my Kingdom so that my will be done on earth as it is in heaven. If you continue to listen to the father of lies when he speaks, then when my Kingdom eventually comes, you will be completely stripped of your authority and power. Here is the time to obtain wisdom and choose sides. Do not let me use you as a scapegoat for my disobedient children. Do not boast of your laurels of slaughtering my children for you will regret it in the times to come. Your king, your God, Yeshua.⁹

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