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Left Behind – Sam

Left Behind

7/17/19 9:16 AM

The lord gave me a dream yesterday about the Rapture.. not a nice one as i am still upset about it but i will stand fast in the Lord and keep my eyes on him, no matter what.


It was a normal day, I was going to work. I was taking the bus, but in my dream I had seem to be almost be out of the bus and floating forward in the road.
I was looking around and I felt something strange is happening, there were not many people, or cars on the road and were about empty (and the way I go to work there is always traffic, always people).
I then looked up and saw lots of clouds in the sky with lightnings and people flying up faster than anything i have ever seen.

I then started to realise its the Rapture taking place, but I was not been taken, I was left behind.

I some how was trying to jump in the air and fly to get up to the clouds and was shouting to the Lord, why are you not taking me, please take me and use me for your glory father God. I remember I kept repeating that, but I was not getting to the bright lights, it was almost as if I was been pulled back down or just couldn’t seem to get through to the other side.

I then fell to the ground and was just looking around as saw people shooting up and some been shot back down.

This part was a bit not understanding to me as it looked like the bodies were thrown back down and the spirit went up.

I then was in a mall and there were people looking for shelter and food, I was there too, this scene I was telling everyone the rapture had taken place that everyone needs to repent and come to the Lord Jesus Christ so that they can be able to go up to heaven.

I also saw a women dressed in a fancy white and black dress, she had two kids with her and they also had fancy dresses and they were going some where to an event but i am not sure.

I then woke up.

It was such a horrible dream, the worst i had ever had. I am not sure what is meant by this dream.



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