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Left Behind: People Vanish, Disappear and are Gone – LynL

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Left Behind: People Vanish, Disappear and are Gone

June 26, 2023 7:04 PM


Some believe in the Rapture and others think it is a myth from long ago.

The bible is one of the few truths of the history of Earth. It tells of past, present, and future events. My “Holy Bible” is circular in many ways. What has happened before, will happen again.

When the rapture takes place, you will be missing your loved ones. These are the people who followed my rules, spent time with me, read my word. These will be those who stayed away from sin. You may be surprised that some you thought were perfect individuals, are still here. Many have secrets that are only known to them. Affairs, fornication, lusts, unforgiveness, lying, cheats and many other sins weigh you down and chain you to Earth. There will be stories of alien abducting the people that are gone, but these are fabricated lies.

If you are left behind, it is time to clean up the sins you have held on to in the past. Repent, never deny my name, read my word, pray often and do not return to sin of any kind. Find groups of liked minded people and pray daily, commune and get as close to me as possible. I Am will be in those groups to help lead you to salvation.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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