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Left Behind: Hell On Earth – Rebecca Lynn Spencer

Left Behind: Hell On Earth

7/17/19 11:04 PM
Rebecca Lynn Spencer

Dude so I had a nightmare the other night and it’s still bothering me, basically it was about the rapture. But, it was terrifying to say the least. Beams of light fell from the sky as the atmosphere around our planet grew dark. I watched as many people ascended towards the sky, yet I remained on the ground. The earth began to shake and crack open and the Pitts of hell revealed itself and it became hell on earth. The ground became so hot all of the forestation went to flames and the ground became molten rock. The heat was so intense it melted the rubber of car tires and shoes and when your feet became exposed your skin got stuck to the ground and when you would walk your skin would rip to the nerve with every step. Balls of fire rained from the sky hitting people near and far. And these Horrendous demons were capturing people and taking them to the depths below. It was so scary. My stomach turns just thinking of it. It scared me so bad I could t sleep last night and I kept waking up to check outside because it felt so real I was scared it was going to happen..

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