leave earthly pleasures seek after me – Patti Young

leave earthly pleasures seek after me

March 24, 2020
Patti Young

The Lord spoke to me and said

The power in my very breath can blow away the forces of evil in the air. My word is not contained by the elements of my nature that I created. Do you not see, the time of my coming is near ? If I do not allow my judgements in the earth will any man leave his own earthly pleasures to seek and come after me? I tell you no, for I see the nature of men, I see the darkness of their hearts, filled with the idols of this kingdom that they serve. Am I first in the hearts of men in the earth? No, I am least above all things in their world and in the hearts of men. For I must cause and allow, things to be shaken in the kingdom of men that they might turn to see that I alone am mankind’s deliverer. Do not put your trust in man and the things in their kingdom, do not put any trust in the powers that be of this world, for all that can be trusted and all that can be held onto I shall shaken. Shall I not do this thing so that the hearts of men will be turned to me instead of the things that are value to them? Shall I not remove their comforts to seek my face, my will, and my salvation? How else will those of stubborn hearts and minds and wills be shaken so that their hardened hearts and minds would repent? I come from the unknown to the known to deliver the people to come out of her, Sodom, Egypt and Babylon, and turn unto me, unto a land of life and milk and honey. Salvation is free, would you not think man would desire all these things given freely by me? I tell you no, a cloud of darkness and delusion has covered the minds of many. Now, I shall allow, and through tribulations, call and draw men back unto me, out of their bondage, out of their fears, out of their sickness and disease, to come unto me so that I the Son of man can release and set man free, for I give LIFE as their inheritance.

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