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Leading Those to the Light

July 9, 2024 10:19 AM


We now move into a new phase of additional clarity of where we are going and what we will be doing. I Am within each of my children and will make their assignments easy to follow and successful. Each person you visit will know you are part of God visiting them. My chosen will make that difference in the lives they touch. We are almost there. Much commotion in Heaven as we all prepare.


Lord wash me clean, make me pure without spot or wrinkle. I currently am only a shadow of you, but none the less, extremely strong. I wait in the background knowing you will come for me; you will put me to work in your fields. You will bestow on me all I need to accomplish your goals and mine. Together we will find those who are lost and those who need attention to move forward in Christ.

I follow you to the ends of the Earth and beyond. For I belong with you, I am like you. I model my behavior and stance from your Word (s). I am thankful I found you when I did and am so appreciative that you guide and lead me in all I do.

I focus on only you, for you are the light I follow. Thank you for illuminating my path.
For now, the darkness becomes thicker, more tangible to feel and touch. Your protection shields me from the dark. I walk with you as you lead me to the lost. Enveloped in darkness, they can barely perceive. But now that we are there, their countenance lights up to become part of your light. Not all will find you, but those that do will thrive and bask in your glory, your presence ever more.


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