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Lay Down your Weapons

July 5, 2020 7:49 AM
Jfkree Freedom

Time’s up for you. The end of all things is near. Wait in the shadows for my instructions before you jump the gun. I WILL give you instructions, daughter/son. I will not leave you to your own devices like a neglectful parent. Am I not a good Father? I am (a good Father), I tell you.

Reach for the Sword of my Word. It is your weapon in these hard times. Guns will not help you much. They will put a target on you for such things. Resort to My Weapons, not man-made ones, to protect you. I know, soldier, you must use your weapons of warcraft. But you, civilian, lay them down. Forget the political agenda of the evil ones. It is too far gone. The so-called cause is lost. You’ve lost, and your weapons are forfeit.

I am sorry to say it has come to such a state as this. What you choose to do now is important, definitely. Don’t forget my Word: He who lives by the sword will die by the sword. It has a double meaning. Live by the Sword of My Word, Die by it. Choose to live by your physical weapons, die by them as well. How do you wanna exit this world? Do you want blood on your hands? I doubt it, soldier. Son of mine, lay down your weapons, pick up your cross, and follow ME.

Your spirit cries, No! I will NOT lay down and die! I didn’t say lay down and die like a dog. I said, lay down your weapons child, the physical weapons. I will hide you from the enemy if that is your lot. I do not wish you to get caught up in the bullying tactics used by the mob. For they are a mob, are they not? Rioting, no self-control, using force to get or take what they want. Are you like that? No, my son/child. You are not like that, nor will you be, and I want all temptation to destroy to be removed from your premises. Yes, I said premises. Right away! I love you, my son. I will protect you and avenge your death one day when or if necessary.

Your True Father


Forfeit – lose or be deprived of (property or a right or privilege) as a penalty for wrongdoing.
“those unable to meet their taxes were liable to forfeit their estates” (google dictionary)

Jump the gun (idiom) – act before the proper or appropriate time (google dictionary)

Premises – a house or building, together with its land and outbuildings, occupied by a business or considered in an official context (google dictionary)

Mob – a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence (google dictionary)

Bible verses:

They shouted to the Lord and said, “O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you judge the people who belong to this world and avenge our blood for what they have done to us?”Revelation 6:10, NLT

But the LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground!” –Genesis 4:10, NLT

“Put away your sword,” Jesus told him. “Those who use the sword will die by the sword.”Matthew 26:52, NLT

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.Romans 12:19

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  1. Cornelldebeer

    Father gave me 1 Samual 24 a couple months ago and I believe this ties with this message.

    We have the victory in Jesus our Saviour but we are still in a daily battle. King David spared Saul’s life, it was not for Dawid to take this man’s life.

    At times like David we might have to hide. God’s knowing and timing is perfect and we will be tested. Even tho David had the opportunity to kill he was obedient to God.

    It is God’s job to fight for us and take care of our enemy. GOD fillful His promises in His own perfect and righteous way.

    David wanted to show Saul his heart by being humble and kind. Love cover all sins. Jesus took all His punishment without complaining.

    Like Jesus we need to pray to our Father Abba God for directions, wisdom and strength.

  2. Thomas ...NoDoubt...

    Yes and AMEIN!!!
    Several years back , I too, had begun ‘prepping’ in accordance with the 2nd amendment patriot crowd – had guns, pistols, ammo, and even bow & arrows stocked up… had a shooting range made on the land even, so that other ‘preppers’ could sight in their guns and get their spouses, friends and family ‘prepared’. After several years of preparing, the Spirit of Yah began telling me to ‘PUT DOWN YOUR SWORD!…’ and also He said ‘unless the Lord guard the city, the watchmen stay awake in vain’ and, as I began praying and meditating upon these words from Him, He lead me to: ‘Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your OWN understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path’
    Well, that was enough for me to obey Him, so I sold or gave away all of my (carnal)* weapons … now, this is what I want you all, remnant believer bride, you who Know Him and are called according to His plans/purposes … to consider ( SELAH ) :
    About one year or so after Father had me give away all my (carnal)* weapons, 30 – 40 police and cop cars descended upon me and handcuffed me in the back of their patrol car and scoured through the whole property looking for weapons ( they had no warrant nor did they tell me why they were there but I only found out later- although I ‘knew’ in my spirit what they were looking for as the Holy Spirit had shown me) What the Ruach haChodesh shared with me was that those of us, His believing bride, are supposed to do, is to love our enemy and do good to those who spitefully use us, trusting that Father Yah is faithful and just to defend us and is able, willing and just in His judgment in watching over us for the weapons of our warfare are not ‘carnal’* but mighty though God for the pulling down of …’
    And, finally, remembering His Words which say,

    Rom 12:19 (TPT) Beloved, don’t be obsessed with taking revenge, but leave that to God’s righteous justice.[h] For the Scriptures say:

    “If you don’t take justice in your own hands,
    I will release justice for you,” says the Lord.[i]
    20 And:

    If your enemy is hungry, buy him lunch!
    Win him over with kindness.[j]
    For your surprising generosity will awaken his conscience,
    and God will reward you with favor.[k]
    21 Never let evil defeat you, but defeat evil with good.[l]

    *carnal – worldly, trusting in the flesh not in the spirit…
    Finally, consider this, is God testing us , separating out the sheep, i.e., those who hear His voice and obey Him , no matter what the goats who stubbornly cling to their own flesh and own mind and way of thinking want to hold onto their old way of doing things… remembering this also, Yahweh had His Son trusting Him , EVEN THROUGH DEATH, that His Father would take care of Him and Yahushua gave (to) us an EXAMPLE of HOW we are to live our lives TOTALLY IN TRUST TO HIM … yes, even to death if it so be His Will …

  3. KarenO

    This resonates with me as well. It is easy to get wrapped into the rhetoric of the political wars, the “division politics,” and the people stretched too thin by scrambling to get a job done, scrambling to pay bills, trying to find enough to stretch their budget until next month, etc.

    They are trying to survive in a world that is making an effort to strip us all of worldly goods so that we’ll be “grateful” when they give back enough to live on and implant a chip.
    If you carry a physical weapon and try to fight a spiritual war, you will die by physical weapons, because ou’ll be mistaken for someone who is a part of the “radicals opposing me.” Jesus was right. Let the dead bury the dead.

    If you carry the spiritual war, if you die it will be because you carried His powerful word, whether it reaches one – or many.

    May all Your People come to peace, Lord, and be ready when you return. Amen!

    Blessings to you! Thank you for pointing out the difference

  4. Arizona

    LIVE BY THE SWORD DIE BY THE SWORD…THIS IS FOR SOLDIERS AND MILITARY.and your hero’s.THE POLICE GANGS..LUKE 22:36-38 is for the people,you are to be armed 24-7…protect your home and family..AND YOUR STUPID NEIGHBORS…who had no weapons…YOU going to stand by and watch as your neighbors are murdered by gangs?and THEIR CHILDREN ?..you better not,there will be NO COWARDS IN HEAVEN…SOLDIERS,MURDER, RAPE PILLAGE AND PLUNDER,IS THIS YOU???..SELL YOUR WINTER COAT AND BUY A WEAPON,ever heard that??

  5. Marc

    I understand why most modern Christian believer’s ignore the parts of the Bible, that show we are to RESIST in all our ways..evil
    David was ((used)), by many here to say don’t kill, but show love….?..hes not the one to use, he didn’t kill Saul because he wasn’t God’s chosen… to kill him.
    What are you believing in pacifistic doctrines…over the Bible itself?.
    David killed over 20,000 men in battle himself, so much God said he was a bloody man.
    Yet he wrote most of the psalms of praise
    Read 1st Samuel ch17 it describes David who did pray God kill galith physically, but after that, he said to God use me to kill galith.
    Why did God allow him…?
    Why was David the apple of God’s eye, still…when covered in blood?.
    Yes scripture says “if you LIVE by the sword, you will die by the sword”, but in context it’s clear that if you use a weapon to rob, for stealing, to murder, so you can provide shelter, food, your needs…you will die a eternal death.
    Not if you use weapons to help innocent one’s, stop a rape, stop a beat down of elderly people, you will die a eternal death.
    Also don’t mix up happenings like political unrest, or non-christians like survivalist, etc…who will fight Chinese, and then say these are the same actions, as any Christans who defend the innocent one’s…using weapons.
    After the rule of law enforcement is gone, thst is what I’m saying, we are not like Christ on the cross, he layed his life down, no man took it…from him…ok
    Also no human weapons are to be used against evil demonic one’s, that is prayer warriors actions, but those who take the mark of the beast, can’t repent anymore, only human resources can stop if they ignore the name of Christ…1st used
    Daily anyone physically resisting evilness, must pray for only Holy Spirit guidance, then thru-out the day, and then at bedtime.
    How to respond… correctly.
    When to use weapons…
    Only a last resort action taken…
    Why last resort?, because you want no innocent blood of bad men..even.
    There are many part’s in the body of Christ, most don’t have a David’s mantel with weapons, because if not properly handled, could lead to a demon of violence…or hate….
    It’s only done as a Holy Spirit
    given decision of action…thru those he calls…in that ability.
    Amen Christ Jesus

  6. Hannah Silver

    In my estimation, the vast majority of Christian Americans would agree with Marc’s comments above. That will not change, as we have seen this year the number of gun sales multiplying much higher than any other year—even after Obama’s election in 2008. Americans are armed to the teeth, and it gives other nations pause before invading knowing they would be constantly fighting an obiquitous army of 300 million heavily armed resistance forces that would make the Taliban look like a welcoming party in comparison. It would be virtually impossible to go house to house and remove all weapons to take complete control of the country.

    Having said that, of course we do not put our trust in our weapons. Of course not! We put our trust in God. But as the Israelites were fighting their wars they did not put down their weapons because they trusted in God. Whether a rock, a slingshot, an assault rifle or an F-18, these are sadly the violent weapons which man has created to kill other men or defend being killed by other men. All throughout history, men have made and kept weapons. They were never chastised for that by the Lord. When Jesus said put down the sword is a completely terrible example. That was “Satan’s hour”, Jesus knew what he had to do, and he didn’t want people killed for no reason since he knew he was going to give his life. That was a very unique situation.

    Time and space does not allow for a thorough discussion of this topic, but it is not unreasonable to acknowledge that God has dictated a foreign country to invade ours because of our corporate depravity, while also pursuing the means to protect one’s wife, children, and self at a much smaller, microscopic level at home.

    One thing I love so much about God—and I tell him this—is that he gave us the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. I 100% completely believe that Christians who seek his personal guidance on issues like this will all be lead to the correct conclusion. I have seen on this site many times where someone has posted words that immediately put up a red flag in my heart, only to find that my brothers and sisters on this site had the same warning in theirs. I think Jonathan has been amazing at weeding out posts that are not of God—while also allowing a very wide range of points of view and individual freedom—and I guarantee he’s not doing it alone. We pray for him, we post our thoughts, and God leads him in that regard.

    (This is how Freedom of Speech used to work when this country was Christian; of course that’s history now.)

    Don’t we always tell our brothers to take all things to the Lord for confirmation? God will not allow us to be deceived if we wholly ask Him for guidance. He flat out told us he would not leave us like orphans. So ask! He will be so happy you did.

  7. Jesse Terrell

    Wow…I have to agree with undoubting Thomas. The Sermon on the Mount is the signature sermon of Jesus. There is zero room for retaliation there.” Love your enemies. Do good to those who despitefully use you.” Often I have had mixed feelings about this. I have a gun close by when I sleep. I live alone. I have decided if someone broke into my bedroom…aim for the legs. Wound, don’t kill. In His first visit, Jesus would kill no one. But in His RETUN visit—WOW. And I happen to know that there are tens of thousands of pastors who have signed up with the government–hush-hush–to tell their congregations to quietly surrender to the government when they come to get us–per Romans 12 (or 13)– about obeying the government. I think those pastors are sending their flocks to the guillotines. And so, I personally have mixed feelings. I feel I will probably give up my gun—not because of those turncoat pastors–but simply because of what LORD Jesus said in that sermon. In Libya, and other places…when terrorists come for a family, I read that they will ask the children to renounce Jesus. If they refuse, they get killed right in front of their horrified parents. Then the parents who also refuse to renounce Jesus are killed next. Been happening for years in Northern Africa and the Middle East. And so it’s probably the hardest decision you will ever make, because it is a life or death decision. We had BETTER be hearing from the LORD!! JMO.

  8. Cal Parkdein

    I don’t think Marc and Hannah are talking about personal retaliation or getting revenge, which is what Jesus is referring to in the Sermon on the Mount; personal interactions with people who do us harm. They are talking about a military invasion by another country where you are essentially the militia defending not only your own family, but your country.

    I don’t remember God condemning a country for defending itself, but I could absolutely be wrong!

    In any case, this is quite different from personal anger, grudges, getting even, or tit-for-tat. In that scenario, Jesus did teach that if someone punches you, you don’t punch them back. That’s hard for most Christians to deal with and obey, but they are his words. However, it would be wise, loving, and Christlike for us to avoid classifying people as “true” Christians based upon their understanding of non-essential doctrines such as this.

    Whatever we believe, we need not expend our energy on this. All must obey their conscience, according to the measure of faith each has been given. However we are always in agreement when we state that the Son of God came to earth to die for sinners, so that by believing in him we who are unworthy might escape the penalty for our own sins, which is death.

    Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, our beautiful savior. Amen.

  9. Hannah Silver

    Doubting Thomas, do you live in America? What you described is illegal without a warrant. I just thought about that, regardless of this issue. Have you contacted a lawyer?

  10. Thomas ...NoDoubt...

    Hannah Silver, yes, in amerika 🤷🏻‍♂️However, I am, like Abraham and all those who died in faith ‘looking for Yah’s promise’ and, like Yahushua, ‘laying down our life in this world’ I Am trusting in God for my justice… not trusting in man’s laws nor man’s lawyers…
    Heb 11:8 By faith Abraham, when he was called [by God], obeyed by going to a place which he was to receive as an inheritance; and he went, not knowing where he was going. 9 By faith he lived as a foreigner in the promised land, as in a strange land, living in tents [as nomads] with Isaac and Jacob, who were fellow heirs of the same promise. 10 For he was [waiting expectantly and confidently] looking forward to the city which has foundations, [an eternal, heavenly city] whose architect and builder is God

    One (more) thought on this subject of weapons of warfare: 1)carnal and physical, or, 2)spiritual
    When we’re done with this trial & testing & tribulation time we’ve entered into recently and we’re sitting around the campfire relaxing after the battle having been victorious, will we be congratulating each other saying 1) WOW, Joe, that AK47 you brought to the fight sure did bring us victory …OR, 2)WOW, Yahushua, that PS91* You provided for the fight made us more than conquerors…
    I’m just saying that where does our faith and trust begin and end? … and, not that I don’t believe in being as physically fit and prepared as possible is good, but with the giants of old and demonic spirits being unleashed in earth now for this final battle we’re facing, who do you want in your camp? the AK47(s) (multiple and many along with 22’s and 12gauge shotguns and 30-06’s and rapid fire machine guns, etc) OR? 2) one man only, with NO physical weapons of any type?

    *PS91 – Psalm 91 and I , Thomas, really like the part of ‘… a thousand shall fall at (my) side and ten thousand at my right hand (aka Yahushua, the sword of the Spirit aka the Word of God) it shall NOT come near me, only will I look on with my eyes to see the reward of the wicked’. I don’t have as much faith in carnal weapons to do away with 11,000 even with ten or twenty or one hundred AK47’s … Selah & shalom,
    I Am Thomas …NoDoubt…

  11. Marc

    Thomas…no doubt. Again there’s no conflict in resisting evil in all our ways.
    Yes spiritual power in prayer is first in line, it’s used against evil demonic one’s.
    But not always the only tool God will use thru us, or against evil men like goliath.. David said God will give you into my hands, then proceeded to kill goliath in faith, that shows faith in God, Goliath couldn’t care… …
    1st Samuel ch17 describing…both spiritual and physical weapons of David…why both?
    You are fixed in place use nothing physical, ok…then do you accept “standing by” when someone is being raped?.. or being beat down, no action resisting evil physically?
    This is not hard to understand, you can talk to Christans who left Czechoslovakia many countries behind the Iron Curtain or China and North Korea..who had no ability to resist physically, only praying… because of the law’s to enslave citizens…no weapons for simple defense…they wish they had to help others.
    Then you can read the Bible and see David, Moses, Sampson, Elijah who killed with a sword the prophets of Baal…why allowed?
    I understand most modern western church believer’s ignore all that, and hate even preparing food, believe in Pre-trib, say do nothing but pray…ok, it’s great for you!!!
    Why then say all others in Christ should do the same thing??? What happens is cherry-pick scriptures out of context.
    I’ve always been amazed by the adamant disbelief to prepare, even when hearing the warnings from God, the adamant attacks put on the rest of Christians who prepare, they are called Unfaithful to get ready and help others, just look at history, invasion brings murder, rape, destruction, fire’s, panic, etc.
    God is mercy and Grace That’s why he is warning… prepare food basics, prepare to resist evil, in all our ways….not one…why?
    We are in the world, stand up in courage,
    don’t fear, don’t ever want to hurt anyone, don’t seek revenge, don’t ignore people being attacked by those who can’t repent, because they have the mark.
    This type of action is only required when the rule of law enforcement is gone.
    That’s coming soon.
    Blessings to you and your family, I pray.
    Amen Christ Jesus

  12. Thomas ...NoDoubt...

    Marc, I have nothing against you (nor ANYONE) whom Father has placed it on your hearts to stock up on guns, ammo and any and all physical preparations- I Am sharing my testimony of what Father told me to do personally…
    Each one MUST hear His Voice and allow His Spirit to guide you in All Your Ways of preparation——not allow yourself to stock up on guns, ammo, etc (just because all your neighbors are doing it)
    I will share my testimony of ‘everybody else is doing it, so I thought it was the right way’ SYNDROME: 🤗
    I owned a tree trimming company, and, as a certified arborist, our #1 rule is ‘THOU SHALT NOT TOP’ (tree ‘topping’ is the worst thing can happen to a tree) When I get to one client’s house he asks me to ‘Top his Trees’ and I ask him WHY? His Answer was:
    ‘Because everybody else is doing it so I thought it was the right thing to do!’ This is what I was trying to get people to hear & understand: And, just because Hosea 4:6* was not operating in his life , he would have hurt (his trees, in this case but the principle of Hosea 4:6* is applicable to our neighbors, friends and family also)

    * Hos4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge
    And, I would like to add that God also likes to receive the honor and glory by giving us the victory without physical weapons too 🤔🤗 just remember Gideon and his baskets of candles with just 300 men (not the 32000?) and no weapons or ⚔️ swords, just a trumpet in their mouth and a candle(the light of the glory of the knowledge of Gods word) in their hand
    My admonishment to the Bride is only – O N L Y – this: Hear His Voice and Obey what He tells each one of you to do personally, do not follow the crowd of ‘sheepled’ ones just because ‘EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT SO I THOUGHT IT WAS RIGHT!’ Hear God’s voice and obey it. He can and will deliver by many or by few with the two-edged sword in thy right hand and the shield of faith on thy left and a cry of victory in thy mouth
    Selah and shalom to all the bride,
    I Am Thomas …NoDoubt…
    PS if He tells you to buy a gun, don’t forget to buy ammo with it, also, is my last piece of advice (selah)

  13. Marc

    Thomas…yes I have been preparing in all my ways for many years now.
    Only spiritual growth most of my life, till the realization in 2012 that we were in the very, very end of days.
    I’m preparing a Goshen for those God brings here, we have physical needs including actually TOOLS of defense, wood burning stove, off-grid item’s… that are for Holy Spirit leading as to when use.
    Not in fear, not to hurt, only deliver as God directly leads…by prayer to innocent one’s.
    You ignored my question about helping others???
    How God is showing you, if they are being gang raped???..will you respond???
    These are types of things coming, after the collapse of America, it’s like the downfall of Israel/Jerusalem when Jeremiah warned them to stop offering babies up to baal, or God would destroy the nation, enslave the people, bring famine, War, pestilence, slavery, and even cannibalism on to them as punishment for killing babies…
    Only pretrib beliefs stop people from preparing, even hearing warnings to prepare are turned into just pray.
    Is that how you will help someone attacked by men, who have the mark, you can’t physically kill goliath without a weapon…you can say in the name of Jesus stop, then what if they don’t???
    Yes praying always against demonic attacks, human beings are different in that they have free will, and true God can overpower them, but in scripture it’s mostly done by faithful men like David…not just pooff.
    As for Gideon they had weapons, but God’s Deliverance was the show the rest of Israel that he alone can save, but if you read the scriptures you will see one stands out, they say by the sword of the Lord and of Gideon… why are both referenced..??
    My understanding is God wants me, to help those attacked to live and repent, not be killed by a rape gang…amen
    That’s just one example, riot’s we don’t get involved in, protests don’t attend…etc.
    We are not the police, but subject to holy Spirit guidance, his orders.
    Amen Christ Jesus

  14. Thomas ...NoDoubt...

    Marc, you and I are equipping and preparing for these times that began with the breaking of seal #1- that rider on the white horse- the other seals are breaking open now also-
    I think 🤔 I did not answer your question ‘…about helping others( gang rape-murder-abortion etc ) because Father’s Ruach haChodesh has not answered me on that specifically – too long to explain it fully herein but deals with my dad carrying the last man, now dead, around the hills of N Korea after his platoon was wiped out- What He has shown me is that in the Presence of the Lord NO WEAPON can, shall, impossible to affect us – Gideon’s ‘anomaly’ of fighting without physicality, Elisha’s rolling over and going back to sleep when his servant boy frightfully races in to wake him up with ‘WE’RE SURROUNDED BY 500 Plus armed to the teeth assassins! We’re gonna be slaughtered!!! Go back to sleep we’ve got more WITH US than there are AGAINST US ! And also, King David had his enemy delivered to him asleep in the cave but refused to kill him or hurt him because God would not permit it !!!
    Finally I will tell you this one story that I personally had happen to me- I’m in the apartment of a well-known (locally) Staunch gun advocate with many guns and weapons etc, when I shared my thoughts on ‘put down your sword’ he aggressively questioned me with this: ‘SO YOURE TELLING ME THAT IF SOMEONE BURST THEOUGH THAT DOOR WITH A GUN YOU WOULD NOT EVEN HELP ME???’ To which I said , NO, this is what I would do (and with that statement, … I jumped up in front of him , pretending he’s the gunman and shouted at him, waving my arms and screaming ‘NO YOU HAVE TO SHOOT ME FIRST!! I GET TO GO BEFORE HIM. IT’S MY TURN TO GET TO SEE YAHUSHUA I WANT TO GO FIRST !!!!’ Then, I calmly turned to him and said, There, that’s your 30 seconds to jump out the window and save yourself!
    However, what I truly believe is going to happen in this time is something so much more miraculous than when Jesus walked ‘through’ the crowd that had Him hoisted over the edge and was not touched AND when He walked on the water of the lake past the boat rocking violently next to Him or just thinking about ‘water BE WINE! And it was! And His Word is true ALWAYS and He said that (remember these are HIS WORDS not mine) ‘The works that I do greater works than this shall you do!’ So I am For Sure looking forward to walking on air and translating place to place and I believe what He told me (personally). That where He sends me that there His peace will come. Since perfect love casts out all fear and fear is how the NWO is bringing the world under its subjugation then the opposite is true also and where love reigns that fear leaves and goes where it’s accepted … selah 😉
    I Am Thomas…NoDoubt…

  15. Marc

    Thomas….I’m glad you are at peace, over your decision to not use weapons…good.
    We are all one part of the complete body of Christ…amen.
    Still you don’t really understand David in why he didn’t take the life of Saul.
    It wasn’t nice loving kindness, it was because Saul was anointed by God and he did not want to offend God by killing him.
    You don’t really understand Gideon didn’t just have one battle, but many with a weapon used, Jericho was God’s example used to show that he was in control, and he would defeat the enemies of God, but that wasn’t the way it was done each time.
    It’s always been a mixed bag, you don’t need to pad your beliefs, meaning ignoring the examples of men using weapons in scripture to show… see we shouldn’t also…
    Elijah killed with a sword over 400 defeated prophets of Baal, he did it…he didn’t have the crowd do it, he killed them he didn’t say I’m special I don’t wanna get their blood on me.. I’m spiritual, I only pray, I only have faith, he killed them with a sword scriptures describing such hardcore men, they were hardcore David killed over twenty thousand in his lifetime in physical battle, by himself…Samson was hardcore, Moses was hardcore, these are the Hebrew 11 hero’s of faith… all bloody.
    Are we all the same??? No… callings are different, as Christ decides.
    Do I believe in translation travel, yes, being hidden in the middle of a crowd of evil human beings, yes, do I believe God wants some to use weapons physical in these end days, yes…you can believe in all spiritual power, and that God has a plan in the physical Realm also for his reasons ???..they is no conflict in these beliefs.
    Blessings to you and your family…amen

  16. Thomas ...NoDoubt...

    Marc, yes and amein to you and your thoughts, decisions and loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and body! You and I are in agreement more so than not! I have no problem obeying God in whatever He tells me to do! I may be a special case (some have believed and called me a special ‘nutcase’ LOL – ) and I know that there will be many dying during these days we’ve entered in now – the seven seals have been opened, so this is the time we’ve all been dreading AND looking forward to all at once. The two witnesses will soon appear and many will be killed by them, such as, “ And if anyone wants to harm them, fire comes out of their mouth and devours their enemies; so if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this way.” (Rev 11:5).
    Father has His chosen ones for His purposes and His plans. I am chosen by Him to do His Will and not my own will, is all I am saying. Each one of us must be lead by Father’s Spirit in all our ways. If He is leading you to stock up on physical weapons, then you, absolutely MUST obey
    All I wanted to do is present Gods ability to lead each one of his children to hear His voice for themself NOT to be lead by a formula or 2nd amendment BUT only to be lead by His Word ‘only’ because ‘heaven and earth will pass away but My Words shall stand forever!!’ That’s what Yahushua said, and I believe it , that settles it! 🤗
    If He has me killing people who want to harm from the fire of His Word that devours them, then Yah is still and FOREVER GOD OF THE UNIVERSE AND LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS AND WE WILL ALL BOW BEFORE HIM ! I refuse to bow before a document or a gun or even death himself ( or even some silly virus that’s less deadly than the common flu – selah )
    Be at peace in all you do and may you prosper in whatever you put your hand to ! Blessings to you my brother. 🙏.

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