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Last Call – Paul Campos

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Last Call

September 14, 2022 12:12 PM
Paul Campos

Word Of the Lord August 12th 1055 am

‘Tell them satellites are coming Paul, satellites not of This world, they are not aliens but nephilim, tell them to prepare for an abducting of harvest workers, tell them it is coming, you will not have all you want, you will have all you need,

as the body of Christ Stop and pay attention to the signs of this time,

For it is running out,
prepare for a falling of emissaries, kings, politicians, presidents, queens, established governments and people in power around the world, it is not easy to give this news Paul,
The news world will fall into an abyss of darkness, Tell the news journalists to give themselves to me or leave my planet I created for them to report on, news is vital to the survival Of these governments, these people will explain a second coming is coming after this tribulation.

After I come back riding on a horse dripped in blood, tell them, who is left to report? no one.

Wont you let me come, Who are you to say I cannot come yet. I have come in spirit and in flesh I well come on my horse to destroy my enemies my people riding with me, do not stop the ushering of my Holy Ghost, give yourselves to devils and angels any longer another day,
you will see me riding on a red cloud of glory.

Do not stop the mission of salvation prepare for my hunger of glory. For I am hungry for gen z, I am hungry for your love, I ask for your hearts one last time, one last time I pour out my spirit, prepare for love, my love my salvation my glory my heart is being poured out one last time. Do not be late. Last call.’

I do not ask too many questions with the Lord, only wait for release of his Word;

Photos courtesy Depositphotos & Pixabay 


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