Large Explosion, Big Wave – Anonymous

Large Explosion, Big Wave

March 10, 2022 4:30 PM

dream 2/27/22

The scene opens to a large ocean front bay with dense housing the kind you see built on military bases. At the top of one of the small hills surrounding the bay was a large metal building the kind that airplane hangers are constructed from.

Then a rectangular-shaped metallic green helicopter flew in the night over the metal building and several ropes dropped out of it onto the ground. Then, men in dark clothes with hoodies slid down the ropes. They applied some kind of chemical or substance onto the perimeter of the building and then disappeared into the shadows of the outskirts around the town.

The scene switched and I was standing inside of a tavern or a bar talking to a man who I believed was a local to the area where I saw the seaside town and metal building. We were talking and I suggested that I take him outside to the coast to look back toward the town I had seen in my dream.

He agreed but before leaving I asked the bartender for a bag of ice to take with us . We were what seemed several miles from the town either up or down the coast from the town. We walked along the shoreline past what seemed to be a small lighthouse to see if we could look back around the shoreline to the town.

A large explosion was felt from the direction of the seaside town. It shook the earth and threw us to the ground. I believed it totally destroyed the town. A four or five-foot wave then crashed over the shoreline and swept us up into it. It had human body parts and debris in the water. The man began to panick and I attempted to calm him and awoke.

Researching coast-lined cities. I was drawn to the Nato base in Iceland called Keflavik.It is a forward airbase for bomber refueling.


Icelanders have a saying that “they are known for their fire and ice.” A match to getting a bag of ice to go before leaving tavern in dream.


Henry Gruver’s and Dumitri Dunnamin’s visions came to mind. Part #1 of a 3 part series link follows along with Dumutri’s testimony & message.




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