Large Balls of Hail – Terri Graham


Large Balls of Hail

February 17, 2022 10:28 AM
Terri Graham

Dream 6/2/20

I was walking outside in my driveway, and it was very dark. I looked toward the street and noticed that black Puppies, black adult dogs and perhaps other animals (not sure) were running loose in the street. There appeared to be at least 10-15 animals. They would occasionally run into the yards and then back into the street. The puppies appeared to be normal. Then I saw one of the puppies walk up to an adult male who was standing nearby and talk with him as though he were a human. The man did not think it strange at all, but I did! Someone asked me if I wanted one of the puppies and I said no. I do not recall there being any streetlights. I had to walk to the end of our driveway to see what was in the street. I felt very uneasy about what I was observing.

Next scene,
I was in somebody’s house and there were other people there. At one point I walked into a bathroom and saw that the tub/shower was terribly filthy, and people had been going in and out of the rest room and didn’t seem bothered by it at all. I had determined that when the next person goes out, I’m going to scrub it and get it clean.

Next scene
I watched people walk around the same house. Everyone was doing their own thing. I recall seeing  a man I worked with several years ago descending a spiral staircase, as I ascended. I spoke to him, and he seemed agitated and distant, even appearing as if he did not know me. He was completely emotionless. I thought that to be very strange, as he had always been a personable individual.

Next, I was standing outside talking with a woman who was standing and holding onto her dog with a leash. While I was talking with her, she received a phone call from her father telling her to come Inside the house right away. I watched her as she walked with her dog into the house, and I followed along behind her and once again was inside the house. I noticed the woman was carefree, as she played around with her dog. She didn’t appear to have a care in the world.

Next scene
I walked over to a large picture window, and my deceased mom was standing there looking out the window at the driveway. I stood behind her and looked out the window. I started to see something fall from the sky to the ground. I soon recognized it to be large balls of hail.

I couldn’t tell how large the hail was. I saw one fall on top of a black car (the front of the car faced the picture window) and it made a deep dent in the hood at least 6-8 inches in diameter. It hit the car so hard that the ball of hail sank into the hood of the car. I asked mom “did you see hail fall on that car?”. She just stood there and watched and did not say a word. I looked more carefully at the hail that hit the top of the car, and as I watched, I saw the front of the car fall to the ground as if it were being shoved from behind toward the window. I told mom over and over that the car is going to come thru the window, and as I said those words we began to back away from the window, as the car was pushed into it.


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