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Lamentations: The Fall of a Great Nation – Michael Triple Grace

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Lamentations: The Fall of a Great Nation

January 17, 2021 1:01 AM
Michael Triple Grace

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I received this word today, 1/17 at 3.33 am:

(Given early morning hours 17th of January 2021)

O, you great Nation. The nation that silences the prophets and stones those sent to her. How often I wanted to gather your children together just as a hen gathered her brute under her wings. And you would not! You have made yourself hills on which you serve foreign gods. You have created yourself strongholds that you call “your blessings”. O great Nation, you are taking your children through the fire. You kill millions of them in brute force. You have come against all of my prophets that I have sent for you to call you back on my way into my Kingdom. O, you great Nation – your fall has come. You went into bed with your foreign wives who introduced you to all kinds of evil gods. There is only one living God and this is the great I AM.

You have fallen away from the narrow and righteous path. You and all who are living in your nations (extended territories under influence). You have come against my chosen vessel and you have selected Ahab and Jezebel. Don’t you see the new Pharaoh on the horizon? He is standing in their shadow and will take you into bondage and slavery. Your freedoms are gone but that is all your own doings. You have come against my ten commandments. You have come against my holy teachings. You have thrown my scriptures out of your schools. You have burned holiness in the fire of tolerance. You have accepted evil and made evil good and good evil. And now you great Nation, now you are silencing all of my people. I have decreed and declared that justice will be applied. The Fall of a great Nation is at hand. Lament, Lament because your world will change. A new world is at hand. A world where there is no grey. A world where there is only Darkness or Light.

Your sins have come up to Heaven and I have put all done into you book, O Nation. And now the final chapter will be written. My judgments will fall. You have created yourself great cities but these cities have turned into Sodom and Gomorrah. The souls of the ones who were slain in your nation have cried out to me for years. Now I come to revenge them. My love for you is unconditional but I have called you so many times into repentance through so many voices but you have refused to come under my wings. Now I have placed a hook in the flesh of a foreign nation whose tongue you do not know. They will come and they will burn your beautiful cities to the ground. And they will come to put your beautiful nation into ashes. Justice will be applied. You will receive what you have sown. You have killed many people. Now a great loss of life will appear. You are trying to divide my Holy Land. Now I will divide yours. Lament over your Nation because the time has come for justice. That foreign nation is ready to strike. That foreign nation has made plans that you do not know. And I hid them before your intelligence. Your people within the intelligence do not know what is going on. I have positioned them, I have put the hook in their flesh and I have pulled them forward. That nation is ready to strike you. It will come at a time when you will not expect it and it will come with full force. Because you have chosen evil over good. Lament, lament over your nation because the Fall of that great Nation is here.

But I am a merciful God. When justice be applied and it will be then the prepared remnant within you will come to you in the spirit of Moses. And they will take you out of the hand of the Pharaoh that is rising up. A great Exodus will take place if you will listen to these people. They are sent by me. They have all the resources they need and they will come to you to stand before Pharaoh to take you out towards my holy mountain. But first the nation will fall. Justice will be applied. All the souls will be revenged. Everything you did against my Kingdom will now fall onto you. Then my remnant will appear in the midst of all the destruction and chaos. They will stand like a mighty force of the Kingdom of Heaven against the Antichrist. They walk in the spirit of Moses and will take you out, out of the old world onto that narrow path that will lead to eternal life. They will stand against the Pharaoh and when he will refuse to let you go then I will bring famine and pestilence against his land as long as it takes until you can move out. And you will not go empty handed but with the treasures that remain in that fallen nation. And you will move out towards the holy mountain and there you will meet me. And there I will take you into eternal life. Listen to my remnant who are coming forth. You will see them. You will see their light. You will see their strength. They are my called out ambassadors to your fallen nation. They will be there and you will recognize them immediately. If you meet one you will know that this is one of the remnant of the Kingdom of God. Lament, lament over your great Nation. The Fall is here. Justice will be applied.

The Fall of a great Nation will take place in one day. Listen to the people that I am sending to you. Listen to the remnant in the spirit of Moses. They will bring you out and whosoever remains in their old world will suffer greatly with everything I have in store for the new Pharaoh, the Antichrist. He thinks that he will become the ruler of the whole world but at the end I will strike him down. Victory belongs to my Kingdom and my Kingdom alone. Death and Hades will not prevail over my remnant that I have already planted within your borders. As for now lament over your Nation because you brought destruction over your land. The foreign nation is ready to strike. Brace yourself. The time is here when you will see the hand of the Kingdom of God moving on your soil.

Your cup is running over. Your cities have become Sodom and Gomorrah. Your leadership has become pure evil. Antichrist is guiding all of them behind the scenes, ready to step forward, ready to be your new Pharaoh, ready to take you into bondage and slavery and you are sleeping! Justice will start in my house first and I will take down the churches in your great Nation. And all of their fake leaders, all of them who are saying that it all will become normal again. And announce for your tinkling ears that blessings will come upon blessings. I will come and smite them and take them down. They are not my leaders. They do not belong to the Kingdom. They belong to themselves. Get ready churches, your demise is here. Then the Nation will fall. Foreign people will take you captive. Foreign people will be on your soil with tongues that you do not understand. They will take your resources. They will force you into labor. I am dividing your land. Watch it!

Your greatest city, the greatest Sodom and Gomorrah, New York and on the other side the land of California will be taken down. They will be broken off from your soil with my mighty hand. And if I do not see that you repent during this great storm, this great conflagration that is coming to your Nation, I will split your nation into half as you tried to divide the apple of my eye. My Holy Nation of Israel. Watch it! Watch what the Lord, the great I AM, is doing to your Nation. You have sacrificed your children in the fire to Moloch. You are standing against the chosen vessels of the Kingdom of God. You are silencing the prophets. You are taking away the Freedom of Speech. And you glorify in your evil deeds every day. You are celebrating yourselves. You are not paying attention to the plague that came to your land. And now justice will be applied. Lament, lament over your great Nation. The Fall is at hand.

You made your nation a kind of Babylon where you are serving foreign gods. The gods of money, the gods of success, the gods of power that I do not know. There is only one living God and that is the great I AM. When you fall to your knees and pray and intercede now, it will help you individually but your nation will fall. I gave you many times over the opportunity to repent, from the lowest to the highest person in your country, but you refused. You mocked me. You took my symbols out of your nations, you throw my scriptures in the dust bin. You called my people, people full of phantasies, liars and you mocked them and my Kingdom day after day. All your sins are written in the book of your great Nation. And now the time has come when I draw the line. I have had enough. I heard the cries from all souls but now you take away the freedom from your land. The time has come. Justice will be applied. I am coming forth with a mighty and strong hand. With a foreign nation that will take your country. Get ready! Your cities will burn as Sodom and Gomorrah burned. Great loss of life, great suffering. But in the midst of all this I will bring forth a remnant that will stand for the Kingdom of God. A remnant that will have the answers for you, a remnant that will guide and lead you to my holy mountain in a new and great Exodus in the spirit of Moses. The Pharaoh will rise at the same time. Antichrist will rise and is already on the scene. All what you see are just puppets, Antichrist is pulling the strings. And he will come forth at the same time after the destruction, after the great conflagration and after your great Nation has fallen. He will come with a promise to bring order to chaos and you will love him because you do not love me. But I am a jealous God and I love my creation and so I will raise a standard and banner against him in your nation that will be so powerful, so powerful in their works that you will not believe it. All of you will see that light and many be drawn to it. And the people drawn to that light will move out in the great Exodus even if Pharaoh will refuse to let you go. I will bring plagues and famines against him until you move out. I will meet you all at Mount Zion where you will be raptured into Paradise and eternal life on my command. Lament, lament over your great Nation.

You brought destruction upon yourself. You have chosen unwise, you have chosen evil over good and now you will pay the price. As for you who are standing for my Kingdom in this nation, fall on your knees, pray, repent, repent daily. Everybody is sinning, repent daily. Stand with me, stand with the Kingdom only, stand with the Kingdom of God. Stand against the Antichrist. Do not fall into the traps of the government. Do not fall for all the distractions of the enemy forces and Satan. Stand with the Kingdom and have a look out for the remnant that I am sending into your midst. Seek them, seek them for answers, be guided by them and come out of this destroyed nation towards my holy mountain where you will receive eternal life. I love you all but if you do not want to listen then I need to correct you as I have done with my holy nation Israel many times. The foreign nation that will come to your soil is ready to strike. The hook is placed in their flesh and I am pulling them forward. Justice will be applied. The Fall of a great Nation is at hand.

End of message

Triple Grace

Thank you. Be blessed in the name of the Lord.


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