Aug 31, 2019, 8:05 PM
Collins Ouma

I received this message on 3rd May,2019 after morning intercession.

It is heartbreaking and painful to see My people turning their backs on Me and forsaking My ways to seek their own out of their selfish desires. My people who are called after My name are in deep and thick slumber. My prophets have eaten and are full that they cannot bark and sound with loud voices what is to befall this world.

It is heartbreaking to see the destruction coming upon this world,which are here already with you where many of My people will perish and be destroyed.

It is heartbreaking to see My people whom I love forsake Me and My ways.

It is heartbreaking to see My watchmen whom I expect to be alert at this time for My truth and righteousness being in deep slumber and having their conscience blinded by evil one; their hearts having been darkened

Behold My son, arise and shine in this darkened and perishing world.A world that is drunken with wine.A world staggering for it destruction is upon it.

If My people do not pray and seek Me diligently and wait upon Me in faith,they may be lost and held captive of what is to befall this world.

There is no hope in this world. This is not ur home.Your home is here in heaven with Me in My fathers mansion.Look only upon Me.Hearken only unto Me. Be steadfast in prayers for the times are this to rapture My Holy church without a wrinkle or spot.

Br Collins Ouma


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  1. Tim

    To all with ears to hear,

    Brother Collins has heard an amazing and very clear word from the Lord. He is trying to wake us up people; really, standing at our bedside, shaking us out of our slumber. And yet, we slumber on – read again what He told brother Collins – He’s certainly NOT CONGRATULATING us,; NOT saying, “well done!”, but shaking His head in disbelief.

    You’re no doubt asking me why I say this. I could cite many verses, but you need to ask Him yourself. But, before you do this, ask YOURSELF the following:

    1) Do I seek God with ALL my heart, soul and mind? Or, do I say, “it ain’t Sunday, ya know.”
    2) Do I love my neighbor as myself? Or, do I ask, “Who is my neighbor?”
    3) When I see someone who wears a turban, or a hijab, or a kippah, do I look away and hope they don’t approach me? If the attendant in the gas station has a “funny accent”, do I speak LOUDER so they can understand “better”?

    Then, ask the Lord, “Why did You say….?”
    1) “Many are called, but FEW are chosen”
    2) “Depart from Me, for I never knew you.”, when I said that I healed many and cast out demons in Your name.
    3) Paul said “God sends a strong delusion, that MANY will believe a lie”. Do I believe this lie also?
    4) Why does “Israel remain blind”, while the Gentiles will see? Who is Israel? Who are the Gentiles? Which am I?

    I implore you all, seek the Lord with all your heart, your soul, and your mind. The time spoken of is far closer than you think!

    A brother in Christ,

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