Lack of Understanding – Teri Hennessey

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The Lack of Understanding

January 30, 2023 8:13 PM
Terri Hennessey

Greetings Jonathan, I received this word a few moments ago while praying in the spirit.

To share a brief preface before the message…I sometimes struggle with praying because someone (a prophet who I trust greatly) received a word from Jesus a very long time ago where He said, if you want Me to come sooner, stop praying). It was a lesson regarding our hearts for the lost and whether we truly have a selfless desire to see those lost, saved. I sometimes wonder if we keep praying are we just prolonging the inevitable? The inevitable being Jesus ruling and reigning and a thousand years of peace. A new heaven and a new earth, because when we pray, God has mercy and it seems like it delays the inevitable. These are just my own thoughts and questions. My heart was struggling with this today while in prayer. I think it’s because I feel so eager for the harvest to happen so we can all go Home and be with Jesus. I too am weary. I’m being transparent and not exactly proud of these thoughts I struggle with. I have also recently stopped praying/warring in English and have started praying only in my heavenly language (which is what I know as praying in the spirit) because I felt led and also have been taught that it is more beneficial to be praying in the spirit, but because I do not know what I am praying, just that it’s the Fathers will, I was questioning that in my heart too. And lastly, I began a three day water fast yesterday and had a moment today at work where I thought I was going to faint. I became overwhelmed with heat, got very weak-kneed and had to splash cold water on my face. After a few minutes of calling on Jesus to help me, the feeling went away and I felt better. Because I am working again tomorrow I was questioning whether I should eat something to prevent that from happening again tomorrow. Father responds to all these things in this word.

All that said, Father asked me to share this word with His body.
God Bless you all,

A stern word from ABBA Father for us, His body, His church.

Jan 30/23

I Am still here daughter, write My words,
Daughter write,

My heart is grieved by the lack of understanding in My body, My church. Lack of understanding of the truth and signs of the times. Yes, there are many who are wanting to come home to Me. They are weary of this world. Weary of their own lives, for they find no fulfilment in the world. They long to be free, long to be in heaven. But there are also those of My body who have no idea of what’s coming. These are going to be caught in the crosshairs and will perish. To answer your question about continuing to pray, would it be able to prevent those destined to perish? The answer is no. Where do you suppose Pharoh, the king of Egypt is right now? I raise up the righteous and the unrighteous. It is My body, those whom I foreknew, those whom I loved and created in My image that are at risk of perishing. They are destined for eternal life, but by the prayers of My own is what will cause them to come into their destiny. Do not think that if you stop praying, it will cause My kingdom to come sooner. Just the opposite would occur. Your prayers are not delaying the judgements to come, rather your prayers cause My hand to withhold because you pray for the lost. You are praying for the harvest. When you pray for those lost, you are praying for the harvest to commence. Daughter, I truly desire for My body to be obedient to My word. Pray! Pray without ceasing! Pray in the spirit! You are warring in the spirit. You are interceding in the spirit. Keep praying! Most of My body pray with one eye open waiting to see what will happen. When nothing is apparent, you begin to doubt, begin to lag in laziness because nothing is yet manifested. When you pray, “My will be done”, I move and My will is being done. Whether that is causing the enemy to harden his heart, or bring another into My kingdom. All is being done by My hand because of your prayers. Pray! Pray! Pray! I cannot stress this enough. Share this word My child. Do not think that if you stop praying, it will cause Me to come sooner. If you stop praying, the enemy will have the upper hand and thus prolong the harvest coming. Hear the word of the Lord. I am requiring every able-bodied believer to pray as much and as often as possible. Listen My child, do not let your heart be troubled. This is not about heaven and coming home. Not yet, not now. This is about the harvest of souls. Reaping what has been sown. This is what the prayers of the Saints will bring about. Keep praying My precious children. Do not grow weary in well doing. With regard to your fast, I will sustain you. Hold tight. Your fast is an offering and I use all offerings for the good of those who need them, just as they too need your prayers. I love you My precious ones. Not long now!

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